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Just a reminder to all you beautiful scribes, scribblers, and literary minded folk…I plan to give Echo Vol.1 away for free! It’ll be a 5 day period starting around July 12! Call it out town criers and let the world know!!! Buy Echo Vol. 1 on Kindle here: Vol. 1 on Kindle. Vol. 2 on Kindle […]

via Echo Vol. 1: Upcoming Free Giveaway — Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha

Hello all.

For my “Hard Science Fiction” readers, here is an independent author worth looking at. I’ve read the book and it is fun, thoughtful, and action packed. Mr Wayne writes a tight opening novel to a series.  It starts a bit slow but gathers momentum quickly.  Wayne has built a complex dystopian future. Humanity has left Earth due to resource short comings. They settle on Echo and begin again. 1200 years later, Echo is 1000 years into a dark age. It is ruled by the dictatorial Regime and police and military enforce its will.  Atriya is an elite soldier who is starting to question his purpose in life.  He no longer feels satisfied with the missions. He wants more challenges and more chances to prove his worth. But is that really a life goal?

Wayne’s science is fantastic. He describes weapons and life in astonishing and vivid detail. He also describes combat, whether it is hand to hand in an alley or the melees of war, with incredible detail and believability. One should be warned this is a violent novel.   I find his characters very well written with loads of potential for future. Atriya isn’t very likable – that is not his job. But, he is asking the right questions and the people who fear him are far worse.

So check it out it is free starting today. And Volume 2 is very reasonably priced.


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