The Omicron Matter – Of Sieges and Sallies – Waiting for Help

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – of Sieges and Sallies. The attack by Brian on the carrier was successful – the fighter attacks stopped. But the Guild changed tactics. Now it is using its battleships to attack the ground from space. The coalition space fleet is too small to take on the battleships and their support alone.  John O’Malley and Abu Silverbeam discuss options.

Author’s Note

The Guild has superior numbers and better position. Even with a successful attack, it is unlikely the Guild would simply go away. Far more likely is a regrouping and new tactics that leverage advantages.

I am slowing making progress towards completion of this chapter. I am having some problems with transitions and painting myself into corners (gosh darn self destruct mechanisms – Star Trek curse you!).

Look for more on Friday. Thanks for you support

Waiting for Help

There was another flash and another explosion at the Helenith space port. John, Simone and Ami had moved to Silverbeam’s compound after Brian’s attack on the carrier. Battleships had taken the carrier’s place and a new phase of the siege had begun. The area around the space port was evacuated and around the planet, space related facilities were evacuated. Most people had been able to leave. Some could not or would not, John thought bitterly as he watched another missile land on the space port.
The battleships could not land or even enter the atmosphere, but they were capable of launching missiles and beams that caused major damage on the planet surface. The attacks were not precise and they were not subtle. The Guild was changing its tactics and its goals. They were no longer trying to intimidate the planet and the Tymbrimi, they were going to reduce it to subjugation.
Even with the evacuations, the injured and sick were overwhelming the hospitals. Large public areas such as stadiums and shopping centers had been converted to tend the wounded and to house refugees.
John muttered, “Can’t the fleet do anything?”
Silverbeam watched the smoke rise from the space port, “Our fleet is too small. Our weapons are too weak to deal with the battleships. If we had more ships or if we had larger weapons, we could make life hard for the battleships. I’ve let Smith and others know the situation. That is our one advantage. Help might arrive while it matters. We wait for Smith and hope he brings a miracle.”
John said, “And if he doesn’t?”
There was a long pause before Silverbeam responded. He spoke carefully, “I’ve read a bit of your history, John O’Malley. You want to know what happens? Try reading about your country’s Siege of Gibraltar. The Guild can’t starve us. They can’t land. As big and annoying as those damned battleships are, they cannot take the planet and the troop ships they brought will be shredded by our fleet if they leave the battleships. So we wait.” He sighed and looked up at John, “Smith is not the only I’ve notified. He is just the fastest. If you need to worry, worry about the Guild will do when we don’t give up. Their history in such situations is unpleasant.” He headed to his work table to manage dispatches. He sat and began reading. Without looking up he dismissed John, “Go help out at the stadium if you want to do something. There are no ships left for you to work on and the Guild has stopped sending you targets.”


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