The Omicron Matter – Of Sieges and Sallies – Striking Back III

Coalition Attack 1

First attack wave on Guild Carrier by Coalition ships

A new entry in the Omicron Matter  – Of Sieges and Sallies.  Eleanor is piloting Brian’s ship as it is being chased by missiles launched by the Guild carrier. In an act of desperation, Eleanor starts the Omicron ring assembly and the missiles are no longer a problem. Eleanor returns the ship to do more damage.

Author’s Note

This “disappearing trick” was actually done by Millicent and her crew on the first attack. The best attacks fail if your opponent leaves the game. I do not have a new image although I have some ideas for a new one involving fights between the Guild fighters and the Coalition fighters. I just haven’t had time to set them up.

A new scene will happen on Wednesday. Thank you for your support.

Striking Back

Eleanor turned her ship up and hard to the left. Brian said tensely, “Deploying counter measures. Two missiles are still tracking us.” The alarms got shriller as the missiles got closer to Brian’s ship. Without thinking, Eleanor started the ring device and the ship was in transition. The alarms stopped. Brian leaned back and pursed his lips, “I suppose that works. Can we get back?”
Eleanor shook her head and rolled her eyes said, “Give me a moment.” She adjusted the controls and the ship returned to normal space. “We should be at the tail end of our ships.”
Awag said, “The fleet is ahead of us as is the target ship.” Eleanor’s screen was full of green marks indicating friendly ships. Red marks were now appearing indicating Guild fighters that were getting away. Awag continued, “Most of the Guild defensive systems are down and they are firing erratically.”
Ian said, “It is difficult for anyone to track a ship flying by and we’ve given their computers another task with a higher priority.”
Brian said, “Well then, let’s go have our second round of fun. Finding new sequence.” Eleanor’s screen filled with a new track to follow. This time there were green dots and red dots indicating fighters on the two sides locked in combat. “Let the others attack the fighters. We are doing another run. I will be targeting the landing docks. Pull out before the end of the carrier. I don’t think either of us got the bow turrets. Eleanor tensed. She took a deep breath and then began following the track laid out. As she flew along the large cruiser, she could see gouts of flame and gas from the Guild ship defenses. The first attack had left the carrier with few defenses. She flew close as she dared to the large ship and Brian fired missiles into each landing bay. As she neared the front of the large Guild she pulled away hard avoiding the beams.
Brian shouted, “We have company. Guild ship on our rear.”
Awag called to other ships, “Need help. We have Guild on our tail.” Eleanor moved through a serious of twists and turns but the Guild fighter kept pursuit up. Brian’s hands were playing over his console.”I can’t get a lock on the ship.”
Ian said, “Then neither can he. It should be just a moment …”
Eleanor turned hard again with the Guild getting closer. An alarm sounded indicating the fighter had a missile lock. And then it stopped. Brian said, “The Guild fighter is breaking off…it’s …spinning tail on bridge. It will break up if it keeps up.”
Ian said, “Then they better shut off their engines.”
“It broke apart…”
“He really should have shut off the engines.”
Brian looked at the screen, “All of the Guild fighters are doing that…some of them are shutting down.” He rubbed his brow, “Awag relay a message…Assemble on me. We are going to take one more run and target the large cannons.” The remaining 28 ships made new attack lines. The carrier had two large cannons that were built to fight other large ships or to attack planets. They were not fast enough or nimble enough to deal with fighters. But the defenses that should protect the cannons were gone. The coalition ships poured missile after missile into the two cannons until finally there was a burst of gas and a flash and the large pods began to separate from the Guild ship. Awag said, “Main thrusters on the carrier are starting. They are pulling away.”
Eleanor leaned back. Brian put his head in his hands and then said “Send me the crew names of the two missing ships and have the group assemble at site B. I will be in my quarters…dealing with …paperwork …and letters.” Eleanor silently plugged in the coordinates and began the shift to the new location.


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