The Omicron Matter – Of Sieges and Sallies – Striking Back II

Coalition Attack 1

First attack wave on Guild Carrier by Coalition ships

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Of Sieges and Sallies. Eleanor is on Brian Tuireann’s ship in transition on the way to the Guild Carrier. Guild fighters have just shot on Tymbrimi preparatory school. Ian and the other AIs want to act decisively. Brian cautions for a more measured response. The attack begins with success but the carrier is also responding.

Author’s note

I left my edited copy at home yesterday so I couldn’t post. The edit suggestions were very important so I am glad I waited. I made the image for the post today. I am using Daz 3D and Corel Photo Pro to layer the image. It is harder than sounds. I am impressed with web comics which produce multiple comics 3 times a week with far higher quality.  I am but a grasshopper.

Thanks for your support. Look for more on Monday.

Striking Back

In all, 30 ships were ready to leave – 3/4 of the fleet. The other 12 were told to rally at a moon on the second planet. Station B, as it was called, had less cover, but they would be closer for harassment. Their cover was blown for this location, bu it was time to get closer. During the attack, Eleanor would pilot the ship while Brian would scan and destroy the Guild defensive systems. Awag would be communicating with the other ships and keeping track of issues and targets. Ian and the other AIs had their own plans. The initial ideas were ruthless and would have confirmed others fears of AI autonomy. Brian managed to scale the ideas back to attacks on the defensive systems. Ian had pleaded, “We can do more.”
Brian sighed, “I know. But we attack the fighters only.”
“They attacked children.”
“We are pretty sure it was a mistake. We are responding to their carelessness. But we do not want to force their hand too far, they still have the superior firepower. And, in the long term this isn’t just a battle of superiority. We need to show we are better. We won’t be as indiscriminate as they were.”
Ian said, “Fine…but those fighters will be death traps when we are done.”
Brian rub his brow, “If it stops future fighter missions, I have no problem. Try to hide who made the viruses. The Guild doesn’t know for sure if you exist and you are much scarier as a phatom.”
Eleanor was sure she heard a hmph and a mutter “Organic lifeforms…totally senseless.” Then Ian said, “Our priorities and parameters have been established. Their defense computers will be calculating several irrational numbers to extreme precision while we are making our runs.”
Brian chuckled, “A perfect use of their time while we play in the neighborhood.”
Eleanor said, “Moving to jump. This won’t take long.”
The drive turned on and they traversed the transition space for about 10 minutes. Eleanor said, “10 seconds to normal space.”
Brian said, “Steady on people.” The drive shut off and Eleanor’s head cleared immediately.
Brian said, “Target ship at heading of 60 degrees starboard, 15 degrees down and 15 Kilometers out.”
Eleanor adjusted the course and said, “Accelerating to target starboard side.”
Awag said, “Sugarbreeze is taking the port side and matching speed.”
Brian said, “Everyone else is behind us. Miss Woodson, concentrate on following the path and not getting hit. I will setting up the missiles as we fly by.
Eleanor viewed the screen with her chosen path that flew by the large ship’s defense batteries. The screen provided a box and lines for her to follow. The large ship was highlighted in red while coalition ships were green. There were smaller red dots that seemed to be heading into caves on the side of the ship.
Brian said, “First missiles are away. Back batteries are damaged. Broadside batteries acquired. Laying in a missile sequence. Keep it steady, Miss Woodson.” As large ship rushed passed, there were flashes where each missile landed and discharged. At the front end of the ship, Brian shouted, “Missile lock!”


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