The Omicron Matter – Of Sieges and Sallies – Striking Back I


Coalition Ships preparing for attack

A new entry in the Omicron Matter –Of Sieges and Sallies. Eleanor is on Brian Tuireann’s ship waiting for a chance to strike at the Guild Fleet. But Brian and Abu Silverbeam have been cautious until now. The attack that hit the school is going to get a response and Eleanor will be at the front of the attack.

Author’s note

It took me far too long to create the image you see with this post, but I finally made it work. I am using Daz 3D which make 3D images very easily. Experts can do a great deal more.

As for the story, this is a long scene and I am hoping to have more typed by the time this is fully posted. My editor did her best, but battle scenes are not her interest. At this point I need someone who will read my battle scenes and judge them for consistency and believablity. (hint hint).

Thanks for your support. Look for more on Friday.

Striking Back

Eleanor sat at the console watching the gas giant pass by as the ship orbited. The Uycarran and Tymbrimi fleet of ships had left Juthjath the fourth planet and had been hiding at the 6th planet. It had a large complicated set of rings that provided perfect cover for a group of ships. Two or three ships at a time would do reconnaissance missions or the occasional harassment of Guild ships returning from Juthjath. But on the whole, the coalition fleet did very little as the Guild flew fighters down to the planet below. Brian said, “We wait until Smith and others arrive. We can’t take on the whole fleet.” So Eleanor read operational manuals, ran battle simulations with Ian and made sketches of cloud racing skimmers in her down time. Brian had taken on a communications specialist before leaving. Awag Jogtath was a female Hoon. She was doing her own research into humans and Earth and enjoyed questioning Eleanor. “Human women do not have the right to vote in democracy?”
Eleanor grunted, “Some are working on it. We have jobs and education in some places. Voting will follow. My Queen is female and she has been promoting women.”
Brian came rushing in, “Put those books away and start readying the ship. We are finally going to implement plan ‘Ocks [2]  Attack’. Silverbeam has decided to respond and he wants the Guild fighters destroyed.”
Eleanor sat up and started adjusting the console for flight, “Why the change of heart?”
Ian answered, “The Guild made a serious mistake. I am starting the ring sequence as well and forward the coordinates to the other ships.”
Eleanor continued her work on the console and nodded to Awag who waved her hand.
Brian snapped, “Be ready to launch in 15 minutes. We will want to catch these butchers as they arrive back in to their carrier. Awag, open an unencrypted channel to the other ships.”
Eleanor and Awag eyed him but Awag’s hands moved and she said, “Channel is open to all ships…we are all a little tense.”
Brian hissed, “By the time the Guild hears this, they will be sifting through the dust of their fighters. Start the transmission.” Awag nodded to him. Brian spoke with clenched fists, “Twenty minutes ago a set of Guild fighters attacked the Stargazer Day School. One building collapsed and caught fire. Intelligence believes the intended target was a factory 500 meters away. But tell that to the score of children and teachers who died and others who were maimed.” Eleanor’s throat tightened. He paused and said, “Every ship that is ready in 15 minutes will be in flight to show the Guild our response – plan ‘Ocks Attack.’ The Guild will pay dearly for its careless, cavalier attitude. Myself and Sugarbreeze will lead and take out defensive pods. The rest of you should focus on their damned fighters. We will drop out of transition less than 50 Kilometers from the Guild fleet. They won’t be able to react in seconds we will take to attack. We go in quick, make them bleed and then rendezvous at station B. Tuireann out.”
Eleanor’s eyes flashed over the console, “We will be ready to jump in 10 minutes.”
Brian took his seat at the weapons console, “Thank you, Miss Woodson. We are going to make these bastards pay.”

 2 [Ocks are a long gone Uycarran polllinator. They formed large colonies which were famous for their nectar. They were also famous for their swarming defense of the colony from anything that tried to take that nectar. Large mammels and reptiles were known to have died mistakenly bumping into the hidden colonies.]


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