The Omicron Matter – Of Sieges and Sallies – Defending Home

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Of Sieges and Sallies. No ships are leaving or returning with Guild fighters flying daily. John O’Malley has taken up air defense and has a special way of doing it.

Author’s Note

This is a short entry before the weekend.  I am busy typing away at the next sections.  I have one more section in backlog so I better get a lot of typing done this weekend.

Thanks for your support and look for more on Monday

Defending Home

As the ship swooped low, John pushed the button. The bullet left the rifle at hypersonic speed and hit a fan on the lead ship. The fighter corkscrewed wildly and plowed into the ground. John tried to site the second ship but it had veered of in a series of wild actions. Ami’s voice came on through the notebook,”You know that is easier with the targeting.”
John said, “Then they know it is coming and never get in range.”
Ami chuckled, “Nice shooting anyway, dab.”
John muttered, “One got away.”
Ami said cheerfully, “Ahh…but he or she has soiled his or her uniform and will have to live down being frightened off by a witless barbarian. And the one you shot down, is quite possibly having the worst day of his or her life…if he or she survived.” There was a pause and then, “The fighters are pulling back. They are probably planning something big for tomorrow.”
He looked up at the sky, “So no more are coming.”
“No, you overgrown berserker. Now get your ass home so I can clean you properly.”
John wiped his brow and put the rifle away in a bag, “How do you know about berserkers?”
“Eleanor called you that after the first day. I had one of the AIs look it up for me. You are not the only one who reads.” John snorted. Ami added “I think the bare chested, fur covered look could work for you.”
John choked and then laughed, “Alright, I am hurrying home.”
Ami said, “Good, I hate cold baths”


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