The Omicron Matter – Of Sieges and Sallies – A Last Detail

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Of Sieges and Sallies. Rachael Weiz has been working with John Smith and Neville Carter-Frasier. In her down time, she has been making a new music box. Smith joins her with news – he wants the ships to return to Juthjath now. Rachael provides information but also says she has an idea to deal with Guild ships.

Author’s note

This is quick from yesterday, but I am getting back on the Monday, Wednesday, Friday track. I have several sections I can post while I get more typed. I will be traveling this weekend so I should get more writing and typing done.

Look for more on Friday. Thanks for you support.

A Last Detail

Rachael was in the workshop tinkering on a small box. She pressed a button and a set of small figures became animated. They whorled in a circle with their arms draped over shoulders of figures on either side. Each figure moved with twists and dips to the music. The music started slowly and then got faster and continued in a frenetic pace. Rachael was watching the animated celebration so intently , she had not heard John Smith enter the room. He coughed lightly. She pressed the button and the figures stopped. Smith stared at the box for a moment, “When I was a child, we would rush around in a circle until we got dizzy.”
Rachael cleaned her hands with a cloth and turned her chair to face him, “Same idea, only it is old men instead of children.”
Smith cocked his head, “Why ever?”
Rachael shrugged, “Celebrating life I suppose. My people were exiled and persecuted.” She glanced at the box, “When my grandparents had moments to celebrate it was all the more precious.”
Smith pressed the button and the figures began their dance again. “My people could learn things from yours.”
Rachael snorted, “I’ll invite you to my wedding and you can dance the Hava Nigila with my papa. One of you will get a stiff neck, but it will be worth it just to see the effort.”
Smith straightened and said, “I know you dislike me, but should I be invited I would be honored.”
Rachael shook herself and pressed the button to stop the animation, “You didn’t come here to discuss my wedding plans.”
Smith said, “No. I need to know how quickly our fleet can get to Juthjath, the Tymbrimi world.”
Rachael said, “Camille, please show our position and Juthjath on screen one.” Rachael performed some calculations, “Camille, I estimate five days with our improvements.”
Camille responded, “That is only 10 of the fleet. They other 20 ships will take closer to ten days.”
Neville came in and took a seat. Smith nodded at him and continued, “So we can arrive with a third of the force in five days or a full force in ten.”
Rachael grimaced, “How much difference is five days going to make? I would rather have more than less.”
Camille said, “Ian passed data to me. Brian had half of his Uycarran ships and half of the Tymbrimi ships off before the Guild fleet arrived. Guild started strafing runs on its arrival and nothing has left the planet except drones since.”
Rachael said, “Casualties?”
Camille said, “This message was a quick appeal for help. They sent no damage information.”
Neville sounded irritated, “Can you guess at least?”
Camille hissed, “Too many variables.”
Smith pinched his nose, “The port is on the outskirts of the capitol. But it is surrounded by factories. Was the strafing during business hours? Was anyone in those buildings at all? Did the Guild send a warning? She is right – it could be hundreds; it could be tens of thousands.” He crossed his arms, “If they drop one rock, the count reaches millions.”
Rachael tapped her finger on the table, “About that. How quickly can our scanners identify asteroids that are being used for that? I assume acting on those sooner is better. I have some ideas on that.”
Camille’s voice got steel in it, “If my brethren work together, we should be able to find it quickly. There will be a great deal of force being applied.But they will be protected heavily.”
Rachael smiled thinly, “If we can get Camille and her friends to help, it won’t matter if they are protected. But I will need control of a ship for each asteroid. There is too much chance otherwise.”
Smith scratched his cheek, “Camille is very convincing with her people. My people will do what I say. I am intrigued – I find you quite ruthless at times.”


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