The Omicron Matter – Of Sieges and Sallies

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Of Sieges and Sallies. The Guild is sending a fleet to Juthjath to get humans and Uycarran. The Tymbrimi have moved as much of their fleet and Uyrcarran ships into space as possible. John and Simone have been working to install more Omicron Devices on Tymbrimi ships each day. After several days work, John is finally taking a break and spending some time at the park. But his break is not to last.

Author’s note

In the middle ages, sieges and attacks were probably a lot like volcanoes – you got a whole lot of warning and the smart ones leave town before the bad guys arrived (or at least those with resources left).  That being said, some people can’t leave because they have duties or don’t have resources and others won’t leave due to some belief that they will be protected. The remainder are left to figure out what to do when the boulders and burning pitch start to land.

I am still typing up portions of this chapter. I am almost done with the climatic scene. I have managed to unbox myself. I have a foot note at the bottom for this section about John Priestly. Unfortunately, the footnotes in Scrivner do not translate to WordPress as easily as they did in Word. I’m working on it.

Thanks for your support and look for more tomorrow.

A Siege Begins

John had been working on ships for days, installing Omicron devices or simply doing maintenance. The ships were sent into orbit as soon as the work was done. Brian Tuireann and Abu Silverbeam were worried about ships being caught on ground when the Guild arrived. John had John Priestly’s “Letter’s to a Philosophical Unbeliever” 1  and found a park bench to read. The outdoors and park was filled with life. Juthjath and the town of Helenith may have been Tymbrimi homeland, but many other species now called it home. The park reflected the cosmopolitan nature of the planet and town. Families had picnics and children played. Artists drew and lovers found the quiet places that no one else could find. John opened his book and began to read.
His reverie was broken by a loud chime in his notebook. A message said, “Come to the Silverbeam compound at once – Ami.” He sighed, got up and headed to the transit system. He was not the only one moving – the picnics were being gathered and children pulled in. The artists were closing up their pallets and canvases. As he headed to the transit station, two ships shrieked low overhead scaring children and adults alike. What the hell was going on? People started running in all directions. Two more ships flew by and then banked left. John saw streaks of light come from somewhere and one of the ships exploded and tumbled down blocks away. Someone shouted, “That was near the Library” and started running in the direction of the smoke. Without volition he followed the man towards the pillar of smoke more than a kilometer away. As he ran more ships flew by with more streaks of light. John marveled at the acrobatics of the pilots as they avoided the attacks from the ground. He was shaken by a loud explosion and a fireball rose over the pillar of smoke. John ran faster.
When he got to the library, the scene was one of chaos and devastation. The pilot had crashed into a pavilion leading to the entrance and then tumbled towards the building. It was afternoon and school was finished for the day. The library had been full of children pretending to study and whispering to one another and laughing when the ship rolled into the building. John could hear the screaming of young and old under the rubble. Where the ship had hit, the building had collapsed. He moved to the rubble and began to move pieces. John was a large man already and his strength had increased over time with the nanotechnology. He pulled aside a large piece of roofing to show a youth crumbled but alive. Others moved the young boy to safety quickly. He moved to another piece of roofing and more people were found. He shifted wreckage and people and bodies were moved. Smoke stung his eyes and scorched his lungs as he moved one piece after another. Overhead more ships flew by with flashes of light chasing them. His arms ached but he could not stop with the cries coming from the rubble. A Tymbrimi pulled on his arm and handed him a bottle,”Drink some or you will be at the hospital yourself.” John took the proffered water and drank deeply. He stopped to look at himself. His clothes were rags now. Someone had supplied him with gloves or his hands would have been bloody as well. He was covered with soot and dust. He took another drink and said, “What the hell is going on?”
The Tymbrimi look up at the ships and trailing flashes. “The Guild showed up. They probably thought a few fly bys would scare us into submission.” He spit. “This one found our air defense systems instead.” He took a drink from the bottle. “Next time they won’t be so cocky.” He grabbed John’s arm and said, “The heavy equipment is here. We will just be in the way.“ John watched as a machine pulled wreckage away and a set of crushed and lifeless bodies was revealed. John wiped his brow and his eyes, “I’ll stay. The big machines can’t work closely. And there is nothing else I can do now.”

1  – John Priestly was a highly influencial philosopher as well as famed chemist. His life’s philosphic work centered on reconciling Rationalism with Christian Theism. He spent his later years in strong support of Unitarism partly in reaction to the Church of Englands negative reponse to his philosohpy.

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