The Omicron Matter – Of Sieges and Sallies – A Gathering Allies II

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Of Sieges and Sallies. Simone and Eleanor meet John O’Malley and Ami Giggledust and head to Brian’s gathering. There seem to be representatives from all of the coalition. Abu Silverbeam announces that the Guild is coming and the Tymbrimi will be staying.  Anyone who has a problem fighting should leave.

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A Gathering of Allies

John was waiting in the courtyard with Ami Giggledust. John wore a dapper suit with a bowler hat. The outfit was sharply cut with a drab brown color. The ensemble was brighten by a multihued vest whose colors seem to shift. Ami was next to him with a tunic that matched his vest. Her trousers were the same drab brown. In a bid of odd, but cute match she held a bowler that would go over her long green hair.
Simone and Eleanor both wore long tunics. They were a blue green geometric pattern. When they stood together, the patterns merged into a 9 point star. Simone looked at John and Ami, “You make quite the pair.”
John blushed a little but bowed. Ami said, “His wardrobe is dull as a hammer.”
John humphed and said, “It is practical and dignified. “
Ami snorted, “All words for boring. I did a bit of shopping for him after we got back. If he is go on meeting dignitaries, he should look the part.” She eyed Simone and Eleanor, “Subtle, but tasteful.”
Eleanor looked at the sky and rolled her eyes. “Ian helped me. He said about the same as you did. And if I was going to wear something, Simone needed something as well.” Simone stood a little closer to complete the pattern which matched despite their differences in height. Eleanor nodded towards the street, “Shall we go to dinner?”

They arrived at Brian Tuireann’s complex. Brian had a large courtyard that accommodated parties with bars, tables and benches and fountains. There was a small stage that had a band playing light music as the crowd assembled. The four traded introductions in the gathering. Eleanor knew most of the Uycarrans. Simone knew most of the Kaum Legit. John and Ami knew the rest – a hodge podge of Tymbrimi, Hoon, Menanggung, Yevath, and a Luxian and even another human. Simone hoped to be introduced before the night was out.
Finally there was a call for quiet. Brian, Abu Silverbeam, and Clio Olo came onstage. Silverbeam started, “My appreciation to Brian for arranging this gathering. I know it was last minute for some of you.” His eyes seemed to find Simone and Ami and twinkle a little bit. “I appreciate you joining us.” There was light acknowledgment with claps and hoots and other actions.
Brian spoke, “When I planned this, I had hoped for a relaxing evening before matters turned worse. That is not the case.” The room got very quiet.
Silverbeam put his hands behind his back and said, “We have very reliable information that a fleet of fast Guild destroyers and troop ships has left Tau Ceti and is on its way here.” Simone gasped. There was a momentary quiet and then a roar as a score of people and races tried to speak at once. Finally Brian glared at the Uycarrans who became quiet. Silverbeam did the same with the Tymbrimi…the rest followed suit. Brian shouted, “Show some sense and order. No more outbursts like that or I’ll clear the room and you figure out the rest from bulletin boards and street gossip.”
Silverbeam continued, “When we learned of the fleet, we rounded up the Guild agents. They are all contained by now.”
Someone shouted, “That you know about.”
Silverbeam smiled thinly and rubbed his hair back, “If you know of any others, take care of the matter and save me the paperwork.” There was laughter in the room. Ami made a low whistle, “That is bad if he is throwing them to street mercy.”
Silverbeam continued, “We know why the Guild is coming…for the humans and for the Uycarrans.” Simone felt a shifting around her. She noticed Ami looking at the Tymbrimi, Menanggung, and Hoon around her. They gave an odd hand signal. Ami returned it and muttered, “No worries here.”
From the other side of the courtyard someone shouted, “Why not just hand them over or send them away?” There was a loud murmur.
John asked Ami, “You sure about that?”
She stood firmly her hands behind her back, “They will go through a ring of Hoon and Menanggung and then face my family before they hand you over.” She nodded at the stage, “He’s not finished.”
Silverbeam glared at the source of the voice, “ Do you think the Guild won’t find our Omicron drives even IF we send our friends away? I say No. The families have agreed unanimously. We stand here and pick our own destiny. The Uycarran and their human partners are welcome and protected.” This time there was a loud cheer that came from the Uycarrans. When there was quiet, Silverbeam sneered, “If you have doubts, leave now. I am sure there is a nice quiet hole in the galaxy for you to hide in and hope it all goes away. Everyone else here will be fighting for a real future.” There was another roar and stomping from all the races.
Clio Olo spoke next, “The Kaum Legit will be supplying Juthjath if it is blockaded. New developments should make that much easier than in the past. I think you will hardly notice the siege. ” The Kaum Legit seemed to turn bright blue as Clio Olo finished. Ami whistled,”It is always hard to tell with the Kaum Legit, but I do believe they are cheering.”
Finally Brian spoke, “The Uycarrans and their AI partners will assist the Tymbrimi home fleet with any aggression from the Guild fleet.” There was a roar and stomping. Simone spent the rest of the evening toasting, having her hand shook and her shoulder pounded as it seemed everyone in the room gave their support to the Uycarrans and humans.


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