The Omicron Matter – Of Sieges and Sallies – A Gathering of Allies I

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Of Sieges and Sallies. Simone Campbell returns to Juthjath.  Eleanor Woodson is waiting for her at the space port. So are John O’Malley and Ami Giggledust.  A luncheon was planned, but Eleanor and Simone have other ideas.

Author’s note

I missed Monday.  I am feeling a little bit pressed these days and Mondays are never great for readership.  I am  continuing with slow progress on this chapter. I’ve got one more entry in my current backlog and then I need to send more to the editor. Material is written but it isn’t typed.  And I still need to close out the chapter.

Thanks for your support. Look for more on Friday – And Happy Ramadan to my readers in Indonesia and around the world.

A Gathering of Allies

Simone stepped off the ramp of the Kaum Legit ship and saw Eleanor. She dropped her bags and ran to Eleanor and was enfolded in her comfortable arms. After some time, she heard John O’Malley cough politely. “I was going to suggest luncheon. Maybe you want to freshen up first?”
Simone heard a snicker and another voice, “Always so polite for a towering lunk.”
Simone looked up from Eleanor’s arms and saw a familiar Tymbrimi. Simone’s eyes narrowed, “The last time I saw you, Felicity was belting you in the jaw while you were tackling her over a table.”
The Tymbrimi rubbed her jaw, “That woman packs a punch. Has a bit of fire for such a nice lady.” She bowed and said, “Ami Giggledust. John and I worked with the Mollocots contract.”
Eleanor smirked, leaned down and stage whispered, “And they’ve been working on other things since they got back.”
John blushed and was suddenly interested in the Kaum Legit ship. Ami smiled brightly and moved a bit closer to John and said, “Hard to imagine someone so big with such soft hands.”
Simone leaned in and said, “The big ones always do have a touch…ow..” Eleanor was frowning and crossing her arms. Simone was rubbing her behind.
John muttered to Ami, “If this conversation continues, I’ll dine by myself and you can have your own meal back at Silverbeam’s house.”
Ami punched him in the arm, “Oh you do not get off that easy. You promised me a…”
John interrupted, “So good to have you back Simone. I trust the trip was quick?”
Eleanor and Ami snickered. Simone covered her mouth and tried not to laugh, “Just a couple of hours. Once we were out of Kaum space and the Omicron drive was engaged, they let me wander around.” She put her arm around Eleanor, “I checked the ring assembly, of course. It always fascinates me.”
At that moment a Kaum Legit came with Simone’s bag, “Simone Campbell, your bag was left on the ramp. I fear it will be lost or someone should trip over it.”
John grabbed the bag and said, “We can get you back to the apartments where you can…freshen up. You can fill us in on the way.”

Simone and Eleanor missed luncheon. There were some provisions in the apartment that staved off any hunger pangs. But most of the time was spent reconnecting. At sunset, Ian – Brian’s AI, announced “Time to get out of bed. You two have been invited for dinner with Brian.”
Eleanor shouted at the ceiling, “We are busy. We will have dinner here.”
Ian replied swiftly, “In bed no doubt, although that can get messy.”
Simone hid under the covers. Eleanor shouted, “Charles was a gentleman.”
“No doubt. He is a bit prudish. I never figured out how he works so well with Millicent. Anyway, Brian is inviting you to dinner with Abu Silverbeam. I use the word ‘invitation’ loosely.”
Eleanor groaned, “That man is a curse.”
“Brian said somewhat the same thing in similar circumstances. Nevertheless, Brian has changed his plans and is expecting the three of you. Well, three plus the irrepressible Miss Giggledust. After certain things were explained, Mr. Silverbeam expressed an interest in seeing the two of them at dinner.”
Simone popped her head from under the sheet and stared at Eleanor with her mouth wide open. Eleanor snickered and then threw off the bed sheet, “Dinner with Brian just got interesting.”
Ian said plaintively, “Please shower this time. And find something respectable in your wardrobe. I really must take you two shopping.”


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