The Omicron Matter – Of Sieges and Sallies – Discipline and News

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Of Sieges and Sallies – John O’Malley now arrives at Juthjath. Eleanor Woodson arrived earlier. When John arrives, he is greeted with messages from Abu Silverbeam and Eleanor. Ami Giggledust is determined to take him out on the town now that they are back.

Author’s Note

My editor wanted to know what John and Ami start something.  “Things happen” was actually an acceptable excuse. The others have been gone for a long time and John was in a difficult situation with the Mollocots. Ami was the only friendly face in the crowd – “things happen”.

Again I have gotten behind on my typing. Rather, I am typing this chapter in small bits. I should get a little more backlog in over the weekend.

Thanks for your support. Look for more on Monday

Of Discipline and News

John sat in the uncomfortably small seat as the Tymbrimi ship landed on the Juthjath space port. Ami Giggledust sighed, “Ahh home again and I still have friends and little cousins to watch grow. Your drive changes the whole nature of business. They are a wonder of nature.”
John stood and stretched and felt places that had been pinched by the small seat. “Your seats are not. At least the flight was short.”
Ami stood next to him coming up to his waist and said, “It was a rush job. If we had known we were having some over sized clod like you or a Uycarran we would have added an extra large seat. We did not get a whole lot of notice. Now come along, you big baby. You owe me a beer for that escape.”
John flexed his back and shoulders a bit, “I think I owe Zhaat Ussah a beer more than I owe you.”
Ami snorted, “I’d like to see that. Bring him one the next time you see him.” She grabbed him by the arm and pulled him off the bridge past the smiling crew, “Come along you lunk. There are bars to close.”
John let himself be led to the opening. They were almost to the exit when the executive officer of the ship said, “John O’Malley, I have messages for you from the tower.“
Giggledust pulled harder and said, “He can get them later. You can send them to his apartment.”
The XO frowned, “One is from Abu Silverbeam.” Ami’s shoulders slumped and she stopped pulling on John. The XO continued, “And you are going to want the latest news about the Guild before you carouse too much.”
John rubbed the bridge of his nose, “You said ‘messages’. How many others?”
“There is another from Eleanor Woodson. You can take them in the environmental lab. Engineer Giggledust will be here listening to my explanation of the minutia of galactic politics, shore leave communications, and ship decorum.”
John smirked a little while Ami followed the XO down the hall. John moved into the lab and found a station to view the messages. He watched the message from Silverbeam first.
“John O’Malley you should know that the Guild has extended the edict from humans to Uycarrans. The Guild wants humans detained and handed over. Others of your team will be arriving soon. The Tymbrimi and I have no intention of complying with this absurd order. We expect our failure to comply will be noticed and things will be really interesting then. Get rested. We will need everyone. I understand Ami Giggledust will be making sure you have everything you need.” The image smirked a little, “Try not to damage any bars too badly.”
John blew out a long breath. The head of the Tymbrimi let him know they were willing to fight the Guild over humans. Intellectually, he knew it was probably more than a small party far from home but the thought was staggering. The next message was from Eleanor. “John. I am glad to be back on a planet and even more glad to have someone to talk to. They have us quartered close to the space port. Let me know when you are in. I am even willing to talk about the philosophy of war – is this a political, eschatological, or cataclysmic war?” John chuckled and realized he had fallen behind on his reading.
He stepped out into the hall. Ami Giggledust was standing at attention next to the XO. Ami stared forward and said, “The XO has let me know we will be fighting the Guild.”
John looked at her and sighed, “I was when I got started in this. It was a bit less formal and I didn’t even know the Guild existed.” He looked at the XO and said, “Permission to leave?”
The XO said, “She should take lessons in discipline from you. Engineer Giggledust now has permission for shore leave. You were a guest so you don’t need permission.” He straightened and said, “However, the captain is always looking for good engineers and we can make room even for someone your size.”
John gave a quick salute and Ami pulled him out of the ship. “Nothing will happen for weeks.”
John looked around and said, “There are already dozens of ships here. They will need to be outfitted with drives if they don’t have them. They probably need new weapons. There will be work to do.”
She stopped, held out a hand and said, “Yes…yes. but it won’t start until tomorrow. Tonight we enjoy a break from the Mollocots, the Guild, and anything else we care to damn.”
John looked at her, “Silverbeam told me not to hurt anybody in the meantime.”
Ami turned and walked quickly, “Get your ass moving. We will see who hurts who before this night is out.”


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