The Omicron Matter – Of Sieges and Sallies – Drinks and Friends at Juthjath

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Of Sieges and Sallies. Eleanor Woodson and Brian Tuireann return to the Tymbrimi home planet with a contingent of Uycarran traders. When they arrive, they found out that things are getting even more tense.

Author’s note

I am not entirely happy with the chapter title. I will be mulling over it over the next few entries.  Sieges and sallies are so medieval.  I have not yet fully finished the chapter either. I am finding it a difficult write. I’ve got the fundamentals points , but some of the character moving details are befuddling me.  This is the start.

Thank you for your support. Happy Memorial Day and look for more on Wednesday

Drinks and Friends at Juthjath

Eleanor and Brian Tuireann set the ship down at the space port in Helenith on the Tymbrimi homeworld of Juthjath. Little had changed since Eleanor and the others had left weeks ago but she knew that looks could be deceiving. She and Brian were part of the group of Uycarrans Brian spoke for and they were all setting down at the vast space port as well. Ground crews of Tymbrimi, Hoon, and Menunugg headed out to each ship. The ship crews would need to go through what little custom inspections the Tymbrimi had and the ships would be refurbished after being in space for two months. Brian patted her on the knee and said, “And now to shore leave.”

Eleanor rolled her eyes at the meaningless flirtation and said, “I intend to find my quarters, take a long shower. Then I am going to find someone to teach me about this cloud sailing that everyone is talking about.” She eyed him narrowly, “And what will the captain of the ship be up to?”

Brian stretched and said, “Catching up with an old friend or two and finding a decent dinner.”

Ian interrupted the conversation, “Abu Silverbeam has send a message to you both to join him as soon as you land.”

Brian frowned, “It is hard to believe that man is Tymbrimi. We are back from weeks in space and he wants to see us now?”

Ian said, “He has put the same request to all the arriving Uycarrans. He wants to speak to the Uycarran council, but wanted to speak to you two first. “

Brian pursed his lips as he considered the information. “I doubt you will be getting your cloud sailing lessons and my friend is going to have to wait.”

They grabbed their gear and left the ship. They were met be a Menunugg and a Hoon who shepherded them through a lax customs process. As they entered the transport, Brian said, “Your boss can’t wait a day for one to get a bit of civilized relaxation?”

The Menunugg snorted and waved his hands, “There is nothing civilized about your shore leaves Brian Tuireann.”

The Hoon hissed but the expression seemed to be mirth. He said, “Like you should argue with Silverbeam about civilization.” His mouth got thin and showed some teeth.” The mirthful expression changed and he got tense, “Just know he has been shouting orders at all the family for two days now. The space port is at full alert. Ships engines are being kept warm around the clock.” They arrived at the Silverbeam compound. He said, “Silverbeam is expecting you.”

Brian and Eleanor moved through the hallways quickly, with the Menunugg and the Hoon trailing. As they were about to enter Silverbeam’s office, the Menunugg said, “The Menunugg are ready to stand up to the Guild for humans.” Eleanor was startled at the comment and then from the other side, the Hoon said, “The Hoon will be with Humans as well…”

Eleanor glanced right and left and said, “Thank you…I am not sure…”

From inside the office a deep voice said, “Come inside, Miss Woodson and get the full story instead of hallway gossip.” The Menunugg and the Hoon both bowed a little and then took positions as guards by the door. Eleanor entered the office. Abu Silverbeam was sitting at a long table. He looked up and said, “Shut the door. It is a formality given those two’s inexplainable ability to know what goes on in here, but we have appearances to keep.” Eleanor shut the door.


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