The Omicron Matter – Dispatches from the Team – Loyalty is Overrated

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Dispatches from the Team. Winifred Stanhope, Findley Brown, and Alfred Redman are on their way to the Guild Headquarters. The journey is taking weeks and involves stops along the way. Winifred, Findley and Alfred are passing the time in the gym when an announcement arrives.

Author’s Note

This is the final scene of this chapter. I have one more section of the scene and then a new chapter will be started. I posted the concluding scene of A Final Commitment with Rachael, Neville and John Smith on Monday but very few people saw it. You might want to take a look, I think I did a good job.

Thanks for your support and look for more on Friday.

Loyalty is Overrated

Alfred Redman set the weights down and watched Winifred Stanhope and Findley Brown trade blows in their fencing practice. Brown was not her match, but no one else on the ship was close. Brown parried Winifred’s attack and then tried his own thrust. She easily knocked aside his blade with her metallic hand, stepped forward and put the tip on his chest. “Point.”
Brown tore off his face mask in a fury. “That shouldn’t count. You used your damned metal hand to push aside a blade.”
Winifred pursed her lips saying, “Really Findley. That sounds childish and petty in more ways than I can count.” She took off her own mask and said, “Put more effort into your attacks. And less into your arguments. “
Brown growled and charged. Before Alfred realized what he was doing, Findley was on Winifred. But Winifred had caught his practice blade in her hand and stopped its motion. This caused Brown to stumble. She brought her other hand down on his head and he dropped to the floor. She twisted his arm behind his back and leaned down, “You need practice at this as well.” She tightened her grip and he yelped, “Shall we have a little round of hand to hand as well? Or are you done with your tantrum?”
Brown grunted and then his body relaxed. Alfred thought the boy is a fool who will be killed quickly if he keeps that attitude. The gym door opened and in walked an Elomin. His face was bright red with a black pattern. Covering his head were a dozen or so inch long horns. The bright red and black pattern skin was contrasted by a drab a gray robe style tunic that came down to his legs. His pants were also loose and gray. The Elomin nodded to Alfred but addressed Winifred, “Hello Miss Stanhope. Sairu Vuq here. And I am passing a message from Guild Master Woochu Zouz. He requests your immediate presence.”
Winifred let Brown go with a little shove. “We will freshen up and be there shortly.”
The guard took a resting position, “Guild Master Zouz is aware of your exercises. Regardless, he wants to see you now.” He glanced at Alfred and said, “All three of you.”
Alfred kept his face straight but gave a slight nod. He tossed a towel to Winifred, picked up one of his own and one for Findley Brown. He came up to Brown and said, “I can help you make better attacks, but your temper will be the death of you.” Brown grunted and snatched the towel out of his hand.
Each cleaned the worst of the sweat and grime off, dried off and drank some water. Winifred nodded to Brown and offered her arm. The two headed out the door. Alfred trailed walking with the guard, Sairu Vuq. Alfred asked, “I thought we were going to a bit of leave.”
Vuq said, “We will be leaving sooner than expected. Fueling is being finished faster. We still need provisions.” He looked at Alfred and said, “I believe Guild Master Zouz wants to discuss recent developments with Miss Stanhope before we proceed.” Alfred raised an eyebrow but said nothing. Vuq looked forward, “I only know that much and suspect you will know more than me after discussion with Guild Master Zouz.”
Alfred stroked his mustache and said, “Thank you. One prefers any information going into a conversation with a Guild master.” The Elohim nodded. Alfred said, “I expect I could use some lunch after this meeting. Can you recommend a place?”
Vuq smiled a toothy grin and said, “I know an excellent soup place. But it is very hard to find. I can take you there after you freshen up a bit.” They arrived at the Guild Master’s quarters. Vuq opened the door revealing an expansive office for such a small ship.


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