The Omicron Matter – Dispatches from the Team – A Final Commitment III

A new entry in the Omicron Matter –  Dispatches from the Team. Rachael Weiz just finished explaining how many ship were equipped with the Omicron Drive.  While the Guild may have numbers of ships, the coalition has mobility.  However, not all Uycarrans believe that anything should change. One has suggested turning over Rachael and Neville for the reward. John Smith does not take this suggestion well.

Author’s Note

A new scene will start on Wednesday. This is the concluding scene with Rachael, Neville and John Smith.   My thoughts on this chapter reflect that even organizations dedicated to opposition may resist open conflict. The reasons are many: open conflict may result in harsher response; interests may have developed in the tension that would be upset because of open conflict; or after so much time the appetite for change has diminished. I am curious if anyone has examples of this in their experience or knowledge. My understanding of the American Revolution is that a significant majority weren’t happy with the British but were not actually interested in conflict or independence.

I have made good progress on the next chapter and its culminating scenes. I should be able to keep my schedule.

Thank you for your support. Look for more on Wednesday

A Final Commitment

Rachael gasped. Neville muttered, “Bastard”. Iti Greeneyes made a move towards her weapon. But it was Smith who acted most decisively. With speed Rachael had not seen before, he leapt the table and his feet slammed into Quanah. Quanah tried to get up but Smith slammed him against the table. Uycarrans were simultaneously pulling away from the fight and holding others back. Smith shouted, “Camille block communications.” Quanah grunted, pushed back hard and smashed Smith into the bulkhead of the ship. He then headbutted Smith who fell.
Neville made to move, but Rachael put an arm out. Neville hissed, “What do we do?”
Rachael responded, “nothing. Either could break you like a biscuit.”
Smith got up and shook himself. Quanah pulled out a knife and rushed Smith. The knife lunged but only found air. Smith grabbed Quanah’s wrist and turned. The knife clattered to the floor. Smith smashed Quanah’s head on the table. There was a crunch and the table bent where it had cracked. Quanah moaned but stayed down on the broken table. Smith pulled out a handkerchief and daubed a cut on his head. He picked up the knife and jammed it into the table next to Quanah’s head. He leaned down and hissed, “I have significant interests in Earth. I will not have those interests compromised.” Smith got up. He looked at Draga and said, “Camille is going to check his AI for problem communications. What is she going to find?”
Draga stood and put her arms behind her back in a firm stance, “Tecumsah Quanah has been agitating for a neutral stance for ages.”
Smith lifted Quanah’s head by his hair and said in his face, “Neutrality is no longer an option.” He let go and Quanah sagged a bit. Smith looked around the and said, “Neutrality is not an option. Anyone who thinks it is or wants to sit out the coming war should leave now.” It was quiet. A man and a woman moved towards Quanah to help him. Smith put a hand on Quanah’s shoulder and held him down. “He stays with me until I know how much damage he has done.” Two other Uycarran moved to restrain Quanah. Smith nodded at the two and moved to the head of the room. He said to the pair that were going to help, “Leave a destination and I will tell him where to meet you. Go…the house of Smith will have no further business with you.”
Rachael could see the shoulders of the two drop. Then the woman who had questioned Rachael said, “Go…the house of Draga will have no further business with you.” One by one, each Uycarran made the same scripted rejection. The two looked pained with each statement. She was almost sorry for the pair. But they would have sold her and Neville out to the Guild for peace. In that, Smith was right, the price was too high. When the last declaration was made, the pair moved toward the door. The woman looked at Rachael, “We are not a charity. We have no business supporting a Guild hard case.”
Iti Greeneyes glared daggers, “So says the worst Guild hard case in history. It seems Tymbrimi charity is forgotten. I will let Abu Silverbeam know your business is suspect.”
Rachael stared back at the woman and said, “Leave before Neville and I dismantle that drive on your ship. It was invented and manufactured by Guild hard cases.”
The two Uycarran turned and left a silent room. Neville said quietly, “Terra simpre libre.”


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