The Omicron Matter – Dispatches from the Team – A Final Commitment II

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Dispatches from the Team.  The Uycarran council led by John Smith has found out about Millicent Morgaine’s skirmish with the Guild. The initial reaction is not good. Not surprisingly, Uycarrans loyal to Smith are not particularly found of Millicent Morgaine.  The biggest concern is that the coalition of opposition is not strong enough to meet the Guild. Smith and Rachael have been waiting for this question to be asked.

Author’s note

When I was young, my father and grandfather taught me to play chess. They continued to a point and then stopped. Grandfather died. Dad got busy and I got competent enough to beat him on a regular basis. I haven’t played in a very long time, but chess is a fascinating game that crosses languages and culture. One has to think far in advance. One strategy to win is to lay a trap – the illusion of weakness – for the opponent. If the bait is taken, pieces start leaving the board quickly,  Of course, one needs to watch for those traps as well.

I’ve made a bit of progress on the next chapter. Which is good, because I’ve only got two to three more entries left on this chapter.

Thanks for your support. Look for more on Monday

A Final Commitment

A woman wearing tight fitting dark armor stood up. She had a dark brown skin not unlike Eleanor’s and a short crop of hair that was strait and combed to the sides. Camille informed Neville and Rachael that it was Draga. She typically traded with Luxia, a planet of austere militaristic culture. Her goods were weapons and military advisers.She said loudly, “No dammit. We want our dignity as you shouted so loudly.” She clenched her fists and said more quietly, “But this wasn’t planned. We aren’t ready.”
Smith stared around the room. Then said, “Miss Weiz, how many ships have been outfitted with the Omicron devices.”
Rachael consulted her notebook and said, “216 under our control. That includes ships under Tymbrimi, Uycarran, Kaum Legit, and Mollocots control.”
Draga said, “See. Only the Tymbrimi and the Uycarran will be fighting. The Kaum Legit never fight and the Mollocots…” She waved dismissively. “The Mollocots will be more satisfied with the Guild managing Earth.”
Rachael grimaced at the assessment but Smith said, “Anything else Miss Weiz?”
Rachael said, “The Tymbrimi have been outfitting Hoon and Menanggung ships since we left. That probably adds another 50 to 100. The Kaum Legit will be outfitting Menanggung. There are half a dozen more races that Uycarran, Tymbrimi, and Kaum Legit trade with. Since we teach how to install as well as how to use the technology, there is at least twice as many as the 216 under our control. It is probably closer to four or five times that number.” She paused and looked at Draga. The woman said nothing crossing her arms. Rachael said, “Camille, show the distribution map.” The image of Millicent was replace by an image of the galaxy. “Start with known contracts and highlight by race.” 200 dots appeared and were concentrated in five zones. “Now show Tymbrimi, Uycarran, Mollocot and Kaum Legit space.” The areas and dots were spread out over a quarter of the galaxy.
Draga pointed at the sparsely covered map and said, “We are spread out and too few.”
She played chess with her uncle growing up. He would set traps for Rachael to fall into. Rachael smiled as sprung hers, “Camille project distribution rate of 30% monthly growth rate of distribution over past four months. Assume Hoon, Menanggung, Luxian, and Yevath races.” The screen suddenly had three times as many dots and the distribution was far more even over half the galaxy. There was whistle and someone said, “Damn.” Rachael muttered “Check. Mate in three moves.”
Draga stuttered and said, “You have no way to prove this.”
Rachael leaned back and crossed her arms, “We have been getting dispatches from other crews to prove our numbers. Abu Silverbeam, Clio Oloo, and Brian Tuireean have been sending their numbers to Smith. My projections are based on their data. Camille, overlay species who have pledged support of the Coalition.” Several new colors showed systems of planets and stars controlled by the species of the Coalition. The colors were no longer isolated. They blended into two significant swaths that almost surrounded the area loyal to the Guild.
Neville gestured at the image, “Do you think you can work with that?” Rachael muttered, “Check, again. Mate in two moves.”
Draga sat down, staring at the image with her chin resting on her fist. Another voice said, “How do we coordinate?” Rachael saw Iti Greeneyes roll her eyes.
Smith raised his hands, “How do you think we got this message?” He leaned forward and sneered, “I am starting to sympathize with Morgaine about the Coalition’s timidity. What have you people been doing for these years?” He gestured to the map and said, “Show me Tuirreean’s position.” He got up and paced the room, “Some of us meet Tuirreann, Silverbeam, Ciom Olo and decide our strategy. The rest of us go and build more ships.”

Tecumsah Quanah stood up sayng, “This is Morgaine’s matter with the humans. Let her solve it. The Guild is offering a sizable reward for these humans. I say turn them over and leave the traitor Morgaine to Guild mercies.”


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