The Omicron Matter – Dispatches from the Team – A Final Commitment

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Dispatches from the Team. Rachael and Neville have been invited to a meeting by John Smith and the Uycarrans. Smith shows Millicent Morgaine’s message about her skirmish with the Guild.  While they are not the entirety of the Uycarrans,  the group here represents the faction loyal to Smith and his family.  With Millicent’s encounter and the Guild edicts, the Uycarrans face a final decision.

Author’s Note

I am trying to have some fun with the Uycarran’s habit of dressing up. I will admit that is looking forward to a time I might illustrate this story more. Costumes make up a huge portion of the scene and can be part of the design of the character. However, I have not yet come up with enough of an “encyclopedia” to have a wide variety of clothing.

This is  a long scene and I will be splitting into three parts. I will try to spend time tomorrow getting the website in order. I have made some progress on the next chapter. I have started writing and will be putting more pen to paper this afternoon.

Thanks for your support. Look for more on Friday.

A Final Commitment

Rachael rolled into the conference room and Neville was behind her. In line with formal Uycarran meetings, she was wearing her work clothes from her father’s clock shop. Neville was wearing a waist coat of gray. Her apron was armored and she was certain Neville’s vest was if not his entire suit. He also sported a saber. Smith was in conversation with someone but waved the two of them to the front. Iti Greeneyes was also in the room wearing a brightly colored unisuit and sporting bright green hair. She nodded to the two them as they moved forward.
After they positioned themselves, Smith said loudly, “A call to order.” The others started taking seats. Other than Greeneyes, Rachael and Neville everyone else in the room was Uycarran. Rachael and Iti were short by nature, but even Neville looked short compared to most of the people in this room. There were a variety of clothing styles and the room was split evenly between women and men. Everyone of them seemed to be staring at humans in the front with unreadable expressions. Rachael muttered, “Camille, what haven’t you told me?”
Camille responded lightly, “You will find out soon enough.”
Rachael responded quietly, “I may find some data storage maintenance to work on after this meeting.”
Camille said, “I was ordered not to. It doesn’t matter now.”
Rachael straightened herself and said, “Look sharp, Neville. We will be getting important news.” She said in a lower voice, “Smith has decided to surprise us.” Smith glanced over in Rachael and Neville’s direction and smiled lightly.
Smith stood and said, “I have received the latest dispatch from Millicent Morgaine. Matters have changed. ” He looked at the ceiling and said, “Play the message, Camille. Send the other AIs a copy as well.” A hologram of Millicent appeared. She explained her experience with her Kalish sponsor: the Guild presence and apparent plan to hold her and the humans; her escape and finally her firing of missiles at a Guild ship as she fled the planet. “
There was silence but the room was filled with tension. A man in a long black coat stood. Camille informed Rachael and Neville that it was Tecumsah Quanah. “The first war started like this. It was small and then we got caught in crossfire defending ourselves.”
Smith folded his hands staring at Quanah, “You say ‘first’. Does that mean there will be a second?”
The man lost his composure and snarled, “There will be now. Morgaine left us no choice.”
Smith shrugged. He leaned on the table and crossed his hands. He smiled thinly at Quanah, “Oh I expect with a bit of deference and a few payoffs, you could distance yourself from her regrettable actions.” Smith stared at Quanah. “Is that what you want?” He leaned back and looked around the room and said loudly, “Is that what you all want? A bit more peace for a little less dignity.”


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