The Omicron Matter – Dispatches from the Team: A Quick Departure 2

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Dispatches from the Team. Simone Campbell has been roused in the middle of the night. She must leave Kaum immediately as the Guild has arrived to round up humans. She is being spirited away by Shuzi Jibbub. As they ride to the ship that will take her away, Shuzi Jibbub tries to explain Kaum Legit and what they can do.  She is learning that humans have much to learn if they are to be as wise.

Author’s note

As an idealist, I would like to believe that highly evolved species (more highly evolved than us) would put aside the need to dominate. However, as a scientist, I recognized that we are evolved predators. Even our sociology is driven by the need to dominate. I can’t say how the Kaum Legit would have risen with such a passive view of their foes.  But sometimes it is the grass that survives the storm and not the oak.

I had some oral surgery that is keeping me home. I am not fully incapacitated, but it is difficult to speak and for a consultant, that borders on incapacitated. So I am at home, eating foods that do not require chewing (do you know how hard it is NOT to chew?!) and having a good chunk of time to write.

Thanks for your support. Look for more on Friday

A Quick Departure

Out in the hall, Shuzi Jibbub hustled her out onto the street. It was dark. There was a vehicle with darkened windows waiting and Shuzi Jibbub helped her into the back of the vehicle. Shuzi Jibbub said, “The Kaum Legit stand by humans, but it is best if few of us actually know what happened to you.” He went a lighter shade of yellow and said, “we are poor liars.”
Simone sighed a little and said, “There are worse racial defects.” She then eyed him narrowly, “If the Kaum Legit say they stand with humans, why will they not help us defend ourselves?”
Shuzi Jibbub’s color went a light red, “If we trade with you in defiance of the Guild, does that not help? If we keep you supplied through blockades and sieges, is that meaningless? No, we will not fight. My pardon, friend Simone Campbell but it has become our nature not to fight…we simply do not know aggression. We find aggression strange. I know this is odd for an evolved species. There are entire careers, universities and museums devoted to trying explain our evolutionary rise. None has succeeded in my mind.”
Simone raised her eyebrows, “Your race intrigues me even as I have to leave. Did my Sir Darwin miss something?”
Shuzi Jibbub blinked twice and said, “We are far older than any other race in the Guild. We watch other races rise.” He blinked and said, “And we have watched some fall.” He faced forward and said, “We take a longer view than others can comprehend.”
Buildings passed by the conveyance quickly. The trip took at least thirty minutes. Again Simone was hustled from the darkened car almost directly into a ship with no lights to illumine the exchange. Shuzi Jibbub blinked and then bowed. “Simone Campbell we part ways. I have learned much about space time and much about the good nature of humans. I hope you and your race thrive and I am not alone in this wish.”
Simone’s throat got tight, but she managed say hoarsely, “Shuzi Jibbub. I am sad our ways are parting so precipitously. I hope circumstances will allows us to meet again in the future. Regardless, I have learned how much I do not know and how much wisdom I have yet to gain…”
Even in the dark, Simone could see Shuzi Jibbub turn a dark blue. Shuzi Jibbub watched as she was led to the ship by other Kaum Legit. The Kaum Legit who was guiding her to a hold in the ship apologized as he pointed to a small space in the wall. “Simone Campbell we apologize for further inconvenience. We believe it will be several hours before you can move freely. But we request you stay in this space until we get past the sensors on the Guild ships.
The space he pointed to was a small tube in the wall. When she ducked in, the room appeared to be 2 meters cubed. There as small pad to stretch out plus the necessary conveniences. It was a tiny space and the time might be long, but she fit. She could spend some hours being bored as they passed by Guild ships and be grateful Eleanor did not have to squeeze into this space.


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