The Omicron Matter – Dispatches from The Team – A Test of Determination

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Dispatches from the Team. Rachael Weiz is on Smith’s ship with Neville Carter-Frasier. In free time, there is not much else to do except work out and stay fit. Iti Greeneyes challenges Rachael to a match despite warnings. Iti finds out that Rachael has surprises and rarely plays fair.

Author’s note

I have two challenges in this entry. First, I don’t fight so I can never tell if I am constructing a fighting sequence well. I have no idea if it makes sense. Second, Rachael is working from a wheel chair. When I was young, I saw some self-defense and martial arts classes focusing on wheel chair bound folks defending themselves. Success depending on getting the first shot in.

This is the last section I have edited. I am nearly finished typing with the next block. I added some finishing touches to a scene with Alfred and Winifred (Findley Brown is there and sputtering as well). That is all that has to be typed before my editor gets her hands on it. Which is a good thing, but I now have no backlog.

Thanks for your support. Look for more on Monday… I hope

A Test of Determination

Rachael pushed herself between the parallel bars for the 20th time and then rested herself in her chair. Neville Carter-Frasier was sparing with Iti Greeneyes. She was taunting him and dancing around trying to tap him with her sword.
“With all that reach, you haven’t touched me.”
Neville reached out and she dodged quickly. Neville stepped back before Iti could respond.
“Tall as a bloody Uycarran and still nothing.”
Rachael wiped her face with a towel and smiled as Neville grinned at Iti thinly. He had learned hard knocks sparring with Smith. He learned to wait until the moment was right. He moved around lightly and then he jumped, swung a leg around and Iti fell. Neville quickly trapped her under a knee. Rachael clapped, “Well done, Neville.”
Iti Greeneyes got up with Neville’s help and said, “I was beginning to wonder. You are cautious but you’ve got speed and reach”
Neville handed her a towel and said, “You don’t show many weaknesses. I couldn’t find an opening.”
Iti wiped her face down and looked over at Rachael and said, “Do you spar?”
From the other side of the gym, Smith said, “With me only. I can’t risk her hurting others.”
Rachael rolled her eyes and moved her chair to a station of dumbbell weights. She needed to work out her abdomen muscles. She said, “I don’t spar so much as practice defense.” She patted her chair, “And I have a few tricks hidden. I stay in shape enough to stay mobile in a spat.”
Iti eyed the chair and said, “That seems …limiting.”
Smith said, “I plan to have her next to me when I visit the Guild Hall.” He looked over the smaller Tymbrimi with her blue hair and thin build. “I might agree to a practice with Rachael, but you would have to sign a waver.”
Iti groaned, “Fine…enough already. You want to protect her. Just say that.”
Rachael was annoyed. She turned. Iti was looking at Smith. Rachael slipped out the revised bolo. With a quick and silent toss, she tangled Iti Greeneyes legs and then pulled the rope back. Greeneyes was on her back and rolling around. Rachael threw two knives that planted themselves one next to each of Greeneyes hands. Rachael had a baton out and rolled over to Iti. The heavy baton rested on Rachael’s knees as Rachael looked down at Iti and grinned thinly.
Iti snarled, “You…”
Rachael snapped, “Sneaking is a survival skill.” She wrapped up the bolo and stowed it in a compartment, “I don’t play fair.” She braced herself and put out a hand for Iti. Iti took and it pulled herself up. Rachael said, “I like you so I’d rather not hurt you. Can we call this a draw and let it rest?”
Greeneyes looked at her and then at Neville. Neville shrugged, “She is always on my side when we spar.” Greeneyes looked at Smith. He crossed his arms and said, “I did warn you.” Iti Greeneyes shook her head and then laughed, “Gods help the Guild agents who cross you Rachael Weiz.” She bent down and picked up the throwing knives and handed them to Rachael. Rachael bowed her head and stowed the knives in her suit.
Neville tossed both women towels. The three were discussing sparring and workout challenges. Rachael noticed that Smith seemed a bit distracted by something in his notebook. After a moment he looked up and frowned. He moved to the door saying as he left, “A dispatch arrived from Morgaine. Guild agents may need that heavenly help sooner than we had expected. Everyone get cleaned up and dressed. We will be meeting with the rest of the Uycarrans. Formal dress Weiz and Carter-Frasier. Formal dress and be sharp.”


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