The Omicron Matter – Dispatches from the Team – The Art of Jujutsu 2

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Dispatches from the Team. Eleanor has returned to her quarters after the workout at the gym. A message from Simone is available showing the beautiful Kaum Legit planet. While she is watching that, Ian informs her that there is a meeting and she needs to be there. Brian Tuireean shows a message from Millicent that changes everything.

Author’s note

I know…it isn’t Wednesday. It was really busy yesterday and I had no time and I…Fine, it is late. But my entry is here and I will have another for tomorrow.  I am currently trying to type up more for the coming days. I am also writing, but that is going slow …mostly because I haven’t had any good writing time.

Thanks for your support and look for more on Friday

The art of jujutsu

After a shower, Eleanor read Simone’s message and sighed. Sailing in the clouds sounded delightful. And the jungle planet sounded so much more interesting than the tour of space stations and asteroids that she had been consigned to. This was the fourth stop – a small space station orbiting a gas giant in the Andorra Beta system. Brian Tuirian was working his way through the Uycarran outposts and outfitting every Uycarran ship he could. At each stop, he would find the next place to go to distribute the Omicron devices. After every Uycarran ship at the stop had an Omicron drive, Eleanor and Brian and Ian would head to the next location. Eleanor viewed the pictures of the cloud forest as Ian was explained how the Kaum Legit had preserved the forest. Ian paused and said, “Brian requires your presence at an emergency meeting with the Uycarrans. As quickly as possible.”
“What does he want with me?”
“Brian would prefer to tell everyone this news at once.”
Her hair was a mess as always after a shower. It could take an hour to get the dark, tightly curled hair controlled again. “This sounds formal. Is there an appropriate attire?”
Ian said, “I would recommend your Earth work clothes.The colors in those are dreadful, but Brian is the only one other than me in that room who will notice. They are clean and you can argue they are traditional. Wear them smartly. You will be representing your race.”
Eleanor pulled a comb through her hair trying to get it to at least be tied in bun. “You need to work on how to put a girl at ease.”
Ian said, “Charles is more adept at that. But he has no sense of style. I cannot believe he lets Millicent out in some of those styles. Anyway, get dressed. Your hair will be fine.”
Eleanor wore her work smocks from the Woodson factory floor. They were clean and pressed and probably looked brighter than they ever had in their natural environment. She draped a pair of work gloves over her tool belt. She found the dress code a bit odd, but Liam had described some of the business meetings back with the Tymbrimi. This was what Uycarrans do. As she entered the room, she felt short which was unusual for a woman who was thin and 6’ 2”. The Uycarrans were tall and thin by nature. All were wore some garb representing their market interests. Brian’s interests in the Tymbrimi were reflected in a multi hued unisuit and bright green hair. He gestured to her to a seat near him. A few more Uycarrans arrived and Brian Tuireann began the meeting.
“I have watched this message. Before I say anything, I will play it so you can make your own impressions.” He started the message
Millicent sat in her own London fine gown as she explained what happened when she vistedher sponsor’s planet. The Guild had been waiting. The locals had aided in her finally escaping. When she told of the missiles fired, there was a collective gasp in the room. Her image said, “Obviously I am here. But they are now after me. They will certainly wonder how a ship can ‘disappear’ and they will be after humans as much as they are after me. I only see this escalating. Approach your trade partners carefully. This action may be sooner than some would like, but it was inevitable. Good luck and you will hear more soon.”
Brian closed the image and then looked around the room, “Comments?”
“So she pulled us into a war?”
Brian puffed his cheeks out, “Not yet. Millicent is right. The Guild is focusing on her and on the humans right now. But you can expect more scrutiny in the short term.”
“But they won’t catch her and then they will take it out on us is what you are saying.”
Brian shrugged and tilted his head a little, “If we’re being honest here, your ships now have Guild forbidden technology. You can hardly expect them to ignore that.” He straightened a bit and said, “On the up side, they will never catch you with these devices. “
“What about the humans? What happens to them?” Eleanor flinched at the question and its implications. Brian looked at Eleanor. She took a deep breath and then said, “After Brian Tuireean says I am finished, I will be meeting my fellows at a prearranged point. We will return to Earth to defend it.”
That caused someone in the room to laugh, “With what? Your race is still stuck in your gravity well.”
Eleanor smiled thinly, “Not all of us. And those of us out here have learned a few useful techniques for fighting large ungainly foes.”
The same voice asked, “And what are those?”
Brian Turriean answered this time, “Ask your children. They have been working with her.”


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