The Omicron Matter – Dispatches from the Team – The Art of Jujutsu

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Dispatches from the Team. Eleanor Woodson is traveling with Brian Tuireann.  Brian is meeting was as many Uycarrans as he can find and installing the Omicron drives. The locations are not nearly as nice as Simone Campbell’s site. To keep herself in shape she is exercising with young Uycarrans.

Author’s note

I will be splitting this section as well. There is a clear split in the narrative. I think there is a truth – win the hearts and minds of young people and their parents will follow. When I was growing up, there was “Woodsy Owl” (Give a hoot and don’t pollute). Later there was “50 ways a kid can save the planet”. Children has a strong sense of right and wrong. Convince them and they will convince and cajole their parents to to the right thing.

I have just started writing the next section. I am almost done typing this section. So things are progressing. My schedule has gotten busy which is making writing times harder to find. But it is a good busy so I am ok with that.

Thank you for your support. Look for more on Wednesday

The Art of The Art of Jujutsu

Eleanor was now able to see the Uycarrans as a species and not just a Millicent or John Smith. In general, they were solitary and used stations and asteroids as trading posts for whatever they had obtained from their sources. They tended to cultivate a small set of trading partners and clients and build up markets with those goods. Ian, Brian’s AI explained that Uycarrans, over time, favored one or two locations and then tended to take on cultural traits of their trading partners. The Uycarran’s might not have a planet anymore, but they each had a home of some sort to claim. The trading posts and asteroids were the one place where they gathered and caught up.

Eleanor wiped sweat from her brow as she practiced sparing. The young Uycarran was almost as tall as she was and yet was biologically no more than twelve as Eleanor understood him. Eleanor was panting, but the young Uycarran’s breathing was nearly normal. Full of confidence, he rushed her and grabbed at her waist. But it wasn’t there. Eleanor had shifted and grabbed the boy’s shoulders and pulled him down with his own momentum. He flipped over her and landed on his back with a grunt. Eleanor flipped back over and put a hand on his chest. Brian Tuireann shouted, “Fall and match.”
The Uycarran boy protested, “I could have gotten up.”
Brian smiled thinly, “Not with a knife in your neck or chest. Which she surely would have put there, if I know her training and her friends.”
The boy turned his head and narrowed his eyes. Eleanor smiled flicked her wrist and a knife appeared. His eyes got wide. She flicked her wrist and it disappeared. She got up and pulled him up. She took a towel from one of the girls in the class. Eleanor was nearly two meters and the pre-adolescent girl was nearly at her chest. Eleanor mouthed a silent thank you to the girl who blushed. Eleanor drank some water and handed the bottle to the teen boy and said to Brian, “Rachael was teaching me. I probably would have thrown the knife while we were ‘sizing up’.” She turned to the boy and said, “Millicent trains us to fight. She is bigger, heavier, and faster than we humans…even me. We learned from her to use our opponents momentum to bring them down. The rush was your mistake.”
The teenager shook his head and then bowed formally. Eleanor bowed back. Brian said to the class, “You heard her. Practice falling and pulling your opponent over. Use the momentum against them.”
The young girl came back up and tapped Eleanor’s arm and asked, “Are you going to do more building later?”
Eleanor wiped her face and grimaced at her sore muscles and bruises from a workout with children. She looked at the girl, “I am not sure. My regular assistant has the day off.” She eyed the girl, pursed her lips and said, “Do you know anyone who could help with the tools?”
The girl almost squealed, “I can.”
Eleanor smiled and said, “Be at the factory in 2 hours. I need to recover from this class.” She panted dramatically. The girl ran off and began her own workout.
Brian Tuireann laughed and put his arm around Eleanor’s shoulder and pulled her towards the exit of the gym. “I told Millicent and John you people are the best sales tools. You can bet there will be dinner conversation tonight at her house.”
Eleanor stretched an arm and groaned, “Many more of those demonstrations of yours and you will need a new sales person.”
Brian waved it way, “Bah…let the nanos do their work. Uycarran are meeting a real live human who is not a barbarian, can flip them if they aren’t careful, and you are getting stronger.”
Ian interrupted with a slight lilt, ” While you have been shamelessly flirting with your guest, a new message drone arrived. I expect it has a message from her girlfriend.”
Brian shrugged, “I know she is spoken for. Besides she is not my type.”
Eleanor felt her blood rush at the conversation, but said nothing.
Ian said, “There is also a forwarded message from Millicent Morgaine.”
Brian said, “I will take it in my room.” He bowed to Eleanor left the gym and headed to her room. She went to her own room.


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