The Omicron Matter – Dispatches from the Team – The Power of Peons 2

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Dispatches from the Team. John is talking with Ami Giggledust in a bar. He has had a hard workday and she has provided some useful advice. John is feeling like the Mollocots aren’t great allies – they are interested in the drive and don’t like the Guild, but they have too many flaws to be reliable. Giggledust agrees but says there is a second group John may be missing.

Author’s note

This is the second part of one section. It is a short entry so you can be grateful for that. When I created the Mollocots, I wanted a race that would be difficult to work with. I have been so successful at that that no one really wants to work with them. So now what?

Indentured servitude is a form of slavery but the participant has a chance of getting out. In the US, indentured servants were usually debtors from England sent to work off what they owed. There were others through US history not labeled as such but amounted to indentured servitude: share cropping, orphans who had to work to pay their board, impressed sailors. There is a strong argument that the current student loan system in the US is tantamount to indentured servitude as those debts can never be relieved via bankruptcy.

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The Power of Peons

John sighed, “Not the picture of an ally when I need someone to back me up fighting the status quo.”
Giggledust snorted, “The Mollocots are no one’s picture of an ally except maybe themselves. And I would put good money that they would sell out a grandmother or two for a bigger slice of the pie.” John propped his head on his hand as a glass of wine arrive. He toyed with the glass. Giggledust ruffled his hair, “Why the long looks big one? I thought we solved your problem.”
“Just feeling a bit alone before a big fight.”
Giggledust smiled warmly, “Now that is silly. You humans are making an impression here. You just can’t see it.”
John took a drink and said, “That is true…I really can’t see it.”
She leaned in and said, “Ignore the Mollocots…the slugs as Liam O’Hannigan calls them.” She grinned thinly, “Look at the captives.”
John quirked his mouth, “Sure I work with them. But I can’t help them and they are hardly in a position to fight next to us when the Guild arrives at Earth.”
She winked, “But they have relatives they send messages to. They may buy their freedom eventually.” She leaned back and took a long drink, “You humans have made an impression.” She slapped his knee and turned him to face a table that had a Hoon pilot talking with a Kaum Legit trader. John looked at them confused and then the two of them raised their glasses and bowed a little towards him. She turned him back to the bar and ordered herself another drink. “Another month of work here and the Hoon will follow you into a ring of fire and the Kaum Legit will supply you with a suit for the stunt.”
John looked at his wine glass and then glanced at her, “And what of the Tymbrimi…”
Giggledust laughed and thumped the bar, “Oh we’ll be there…mostly out of morbid curiosity. But we’ll be there.”


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