The Omicron Matter – Return to Times Past – A Storm Rises

steam punk face

The final entry in the Omicron Matter – Return to Times Past. The battle is past. Millicent retreats to her room. The gravity of the action is sinking in. She consults with Charles to find out if she has gone too far.

Author’s note

I guess everyone was busy finishing their taxes on Monday. I posted Escape which I was quite proud of. There were action scenes and decent dialog.  I either got no reads. Or I got reads and no one liked it.  (Please take some time to comment if it is the latter.) You might want to look at it before you read this which wraps up the chapter.  I am behind on typing so I don’t know if there will be a posting on Friday.

Thanks for your support. Check in on Friday for a new chapter.

A Storm Gathers

In her quarters, Millicent sat at her desk, her head propped in her hands. After a moment she asked, “Charles, are you there?”
The aristocratic voice answered, “Mr. McNeill started waking me once he started work on the Omicron Device.”
“How much did you see?”
“Enough. I will review the logs when I am fully functioning.” The was a pause and he said, “You can be proud. They made good account of themselves.”
Millicent kept her head in her hands, “They did.  I expected no less.”
“I expect ‘Terra simpre liberi’ will catch on, at least when they get back to Earth.”
“That girl…that woman never ceases to surprise me.” Millicent leaned back in her chair. “Halboor told me I shouldn’t have come. I guess he was right.”
Charles replied, “We both knew there was a risk that the Guild would be there. And I agreed you needed to see him once more. I understand he gave some help to Mr. McNeill”
Millicent said, “He did.” She rubbed her face with her hands, “I wish…I wish we hadn’t fired those missiles.”
Charles said, “The shooting would have started some place else. And only you were going to start it. The Alliance fears the Guild. The Guild fears you.”
She sighed, “Are we ready?Will anyone follow?”
“There is no answer to those questions now. And only time will tell if you get the answers you want.” The bathroom light blinked on and the shower started. “Now I distinctly heard you say you needed a shower and a change of clothes. You are covered with dust and God knows what else. Sewage? Clean yourself up and then go enjoy a small celebration with your crew.”
“Very well old friend. Very well.”


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