The Omicron Matter – Return to Times Past – Escape

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Return to Times Past. Millicent has made her good byes. The crew has returned to the ship and is making preparations for leaving despite protests from the control tower. Millicent lifts off the ship and there are a few surprises waiting for the Guild as they leave.

Author’s Note

I could have split this into two posts (I may yet regret not doing this). But it flows a bit better with the one. It is a bit longer but is a faster read.  And I imagine a few of you are ready for a bit of action.  I finished writing the next chapter and now begin the typing process. It has many sections but they are short.

Thanks for your support. Look for more on Wednesday.


Liam greeted her at the top of ramp. “Anton sends his regrets. He would have liked to talk with you. But both of us felt a short visit was best.”
Millicent put a hand on his shoulder, “Anton always seemed to know what I was up to.” She put her arm around him and guided him into the ship, “We got useful information for Jason. And it was a visit I had to make. I knew it was a risk coming here, but Halboor always gives good advice.” She stepped away and handed her parasol to Liam and said, “Status, Mr. O’Hannigan.”
Liam gave a sharp salute with his hand to the back of his head, “Everyone is on board and at their stations. Mr. Richards has been warming the engine. Mrs. Richards has been trying to convince the communications tower it is just tests. Mr. McNeill is doing God knows what to that deviltry in the engine room and says it will be on-line as quick as he can manage. I will be helping Mr. Richards at the operations station.”
Millicent said, “Excellent work, Mr. O’Hannigan. Now let’s give them a surprise or two.” They hurried to the bridge as fast as her dress would allow.
When they arrived, Liam took a place next to Michael. Millicent said, “Report, Mr. Richards.”
Michael replied, “The Guild ship just passed us on orbit. It won’t be around for another 90 minutes. The engine is warm and ready. ” Millicent nodded and sat at the pilot’s station.
Millicent said, “Contact, Mrs. Richards?”
Felicity said, “The communications team is most concerned we will be missing dinner. I have been reassuring them we just need a change of clothes.”
Millicent smiled and nodded. She took a deep breath and said, “Send them our regrets. We will be dining on the ship. Mr. Richards target two missiles: one conventional explosive, one EMP. You will fire to these coordinates on my command, not before.” She handed him the slip of paper from Halboor Sigmund. “Then you will load a full complement of high fragmentary missiles. Do not tarry.” She turned to Liam and said, “Monitor the Guild ships in space and the hangers. Give Michael any targets you find.” She then said into the speaking tube, “Mr. McNeill, I want that device working and us in transition just as quickly as possible when we leave the atmosphere.” Then said to everyone, “Buckle in. We are about to fire the first shots in this war.” There were shouts around the bridge and over the speaking tube.
Millicent started the main engine.
Felicity immediately said, “Canynge’s Folly sends our regrets. We will be dining on board.”
Everyone on board heard Bendiks Kaspar’s reply, “You will set down, shut off your engines and leave the ship by order of the Guild. You will do so or we will force you.”
Millicent said, “Lifting ship.”
Felicity replied in a sweet voice, “Canynge’s Folly sends our regards. And says.” Felicity’s voice turned harsh and loud, “Terra sempre Liberi”
Millicent quirked her mouth and then shouted, “Fire Michael. Your wife needs an exclamation point!”
Michael shouted back, “Missiles away.” His hands started moving over the panel, “Loading 10 high fragmentary missiles.”
Millicent poured on the acceleration and felt herself pushed into the seat. Liam shouted, “Two hits to the communication tower.”
Millicent shouted over the shaking and cheers, “Well done people. Mr. O’Hannigan watch the hanger.”
Liam had a smirk on his face even as the acceleration strained on him, “Don’t need to worry too much. Anton and me left a small present on their ships. Ain’t none of them gonna to work proper.” He then said, “Guild space ship is coming about.”
Millicent said into the speaking tube, “Mr. McNeill, we are out of the atmosphere. A jump soon would be nice.”
Jason said, “Thirty seconds to transition. Hard to work when I’m stuck to the seat.”
Millicent gritted her teeth and then brought the ship directly into the path of the Guild ship. “Mrs. Richards, tell that Guild ship to stand down or get out of our way.”
Liam said, “Ships closing in. 40 seconds to impact.”
MIchael said, “Missiles have lock.”
Millicent shouted, “Diamond pattern, launch on my mark. Jason…any time now.”
Jason called out through the speaking tube, “15 seconds count down.”
Liam said tensely, “20 seconds to impact”
Millicent said, “Michael, when Jason gets to 10, fire.”
Jason’s voice counted, “12, 11,10..”
Michael said, “Missiles Launched!”
Liam shouted, “Bastards pulled off and launched missles!”
“3,2,1 and Transition”
The bridge went quiet. Liam whispered, “We’re still here!”
Millicent breathed out, “Yes…we are.” And then there was shouting on the bridge and the speaking tube. Felicity got up and gave Michael a meaningful kiss. Millicent said, “Well done people. Well done. We had surprise but you executed well.” She stood up and stretched and said, “If it is all the same to you, I am going to change and shower a bit before dinner. I expect everybody will want a break.”


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