The Omicron Matter – Return to Times Past – Another Goodbye

Created by Anita Tabaczkikewicz

Created by Anita Tabaczkikewicz

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Return to Times Past. Jason has the location of his parents and codes to help get them out. Halboor Sigmund sends him away. Millicent and Halboor have a few moments before she too must leave. What is left to say?

Author’s note

This is a short entry.  Originally I combined this and the next two sections together. But they are enough different and serve different purposes to stand on their own. Life has been busy. I hope to stay on a roll.

Thanks for your support. Look for more on Monday

Another Goodbye

Halboor smiled wanly saying, “You must leave now, Millicent. I had hoped for a longer time on your return, but circumstances change.”
Millicent’s voice cracked, “There is so much to say.”
Halboor reached up and touched her head, “You may yet get that conversation. But not if you stay. Things are in motion now. Go…”
Millicent turned to Jason, “Head to the ship. Try to look casual as you go. You will be operating the ring assembly. We will need it working quickly. Michael will be on operations and defensive systems. Liam will be assisting him.”
Jason nodded to her commands. He then turned to Halboor and held up the cube, “Sir, this …this means so much.”
Halboor put hands on both of Jason’s shoulder,”You get one try with those. Make it good. Go…Millicent will be right behind you.” Jason bowed a little and then did a fast walk back to the courtyard.
When Jason was gone, Millicent asked, “What will happen to you?”
Halboor shrugged and then smiled, “Anton has been saying for ages that the house needs a trip.” He leaned in and said, “I would like to meet the Guild agent that can follow a Kalish household in the desert.”
“You can’t do that forever.”
Halboor got a twinkle in his eyes, “Do you think the operations of this place will continue with the household gone? Those Kavian clowns will be having heat stroke in a week.” He up at the machinery and said, “Besides there might be a surprise or two for them if they explore too much.”
Millicent took his hands in a clasp and said into his ear, “I will have dinner under the stars with you next time we meet.”
Halboor clasped her arm and pulled her into a hug and said, “I will hold you to that child. Now go and stay safe until we meet again.” Millicent hugged the man who had been her surrogate parent. She hustled down the path that would take her back to the courtyard and to the ship. She wiped her face as she walked away.


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