The Omicron Matter – Return to Times Past – Trojan Horses

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Return to Times Past. Liam O’Hannigan is following Anton Tiitus through the hallways of the complex. They end up at the hanger for ships. It is there that Liam finds out that Tiitus has a plan to help Millicent out.

Author’s Note

I had considered splitting this section up, but where the break worked best it would be too short. Besides it reads better as a whole. That is the good news. The bad news for me is that I need to finish writing the next chapter soon. I only have a few days left of back log.

I hope you enjoyed Felicity’s entry yesterday.  Thanks for your support. Look for more on Friday

Trojan Horses

Liam followed Anton Tiitus through a long series of tunnels. As they walked, Anton would point out various features or structures. Liam was certain the engineers would find it all fascinating. He was trying to keep track of the turns. They stopped in front of large doors that led into the hanger of the outpost. Anton smiled and said, “I think you will find the ships most interesting.”
Liam put his finger to his lips and activated the nano blocking device. He thought he could see small flashes of light. He said quickly and lowly, “I have a little toy that burns listeners. Are they going to notice?”
Anton eyed him narrowly and then said, “You people are full of surprises.” He then hissed, “They suddenly go deaf and blind around us?!What do you think?!” He pinched his brow and said, “It will make things easier but they are going to send back up nanos quickly to fill the void and probably some agents to check.”
Liam said, “Then best be quick. Why the hell are we here?”
Anton pointed to the door and smiled, “Making sure you have a safe exit.” He opened the door and they stepped in. He put his fingers to his lips to indicate silence. He waved to the ships lined up in the hanger facing towards a set of impossible large doors. “The Guild is using our hanger to store their ships. The conditions are too harsh for any ship to stay outside long. We do maintenance and stock their supplies. Having Millicent’s ship in here will be no trouble at all. The staff will be fascinated to see if it has changed since she restored it ages ago.” The five ships were about the same size as Canynge’s Folly, Millicent’s ship. They were sleek just as Millicent’s ship, but they also bristled with points and spurs on the top of the ship. Liam knew just enough to guess those were weapons pods.
Anton moved quickly to a room in the back of the hanger saying, “Let me show you the operations center.” The room was 30 feet long and had a large window. It had large dish shaped things and a pole that could have been a lightning rod if it was outside. Anton held open the door and let Liam in. Inside were three large stations like the ship’s bridge. Each was manned by a person like Anton, a Kalish with bright red hair, green eyes and slightly pink skin. Anton closed the door and nodded to Liam. Liam went around the room using his device. Little flashes went off at each use. After four tries there were no more flashes.
Anton smiled and then said, “Mr. O’Hannigan just knocked out the listening nanos. The Guild is blind and deaf in here. We will need to act quickly.” Anton handed Liam a cube and said, “Liam put this in the slot by Andrejs.” The man on the far left raised his hand and pointed to the slot. As they moved over Anton said, “The cube will install a program into the Guild ships that will disrupt their engines when they try to use them.”
Liam put the cube in and said, “Why have me do it?”
Anton shrugged, “They will figure out something and we can say you did it while we weren’t looking. If they find the cube, it will have your DNA on it.”
Liam smiled thinly, “I do like the odds for Millicent now.” Liam watched the cube glow a little as it started its work.
Then the door of the operations room burst open. Two Kanvians with deep power blue eyes came in. Anton checked his sleeve and sighed deeply and whispered, “That took less time that I hoped.”
One of the Kanvians pointed at Liam and snapped, “What is he doing here?”
Anton put his arms behind him and smiled, “I am giving him a tour of the facilities. I presume Canynge’s Folly will be joining your ships here? Is there a problem with us reviewing procedures with Millicent’s assistant?” Liam smiled back and stood so the agent’s view of the cube was blocked.
The second man stepped in front of the first and said, “We have been tracking all of the …guests. We were worried he got lost.”
Anton gestured to Liam and said, “He has been with me the entire time. I wasn’t aware I needed to report my tour to anyone.”
The first man sneered, “Guild Master Kaspar said all the humans were to be watched.”
Anton shrugged and then waved to the ships in the hanger, “Where will they go with you guarding the exit?” Liam glanced at the cube which was now dark. He leaned on the console. Andrejs glanced up at him and then stared back at the Guild agents. Liam pulled the cube out and slipped it into his pocket. Anton moved passed the two Guild agents at the door and beckoned Liam, “Come along, Liam. I will show you a short cut to your ship.”
The first Kanvian agent said, “He stays in the complex!”
Anton leaned up to the agent and said, “You are an idiot.They will be here for as long as you have them trapped down here. They have been traveling for ages and need supplies. Now get out of our way and let those of us who understand work do our job.”
The second Kanvian put a restraining hand on the first and said, “If that ship moves, we will shoot it out of the sky before we it makes it to space.”
Anton smiled thinly, “I expect no less from the cream of Kanvian space service.” Liam smiled broadly at the the two glowering agents as they left the operations room.
Outside the office they headed toward the two enormous doors that sheltered the space ships. As they walked, Anton tapped something into his sleeve. He stopped at one point and then showed Liam the message. “No talking. No device.” Liam nodded and they continued to the hanger doors. To one side, there was a smaller access door. Anton opened it and said, “There is your ship. Others should be along soon. Be ready.”
Liam headed out and then snapped his fingers, “I am a bit worried about the food and water supplies. Can we get supplies, if I send you a list?”
Anton smiled grandly, “Excellent idea. We will be happy to help Millicent. It is the least we can do.”
Liam stepped out into the sweltering heat and sun. He turned back and saluted with two fingers to Anton. Anton returned the salute and closed the door. Liam started towards Millicent’s ship. He saw Michael and Felicity heading up the ramp. Liam started a quick trot to join them.


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