Felicity’s Journal – Time at Tau Ceti

April 12, 1865

Hello everyone,
This comes from the Tau Ceti station. I had complained about the boredom and sameness of travel between the stars. Well that is all gone. A year ago, the farthest I had traveled had been from Manchester to London. London East Side accent is close to mine and being a maid in Belgravia shows a bit of the upper class. So it is hard to explain just how strange this all is.
Some of you have been to foreign countries. We traveled to Prague and Bohemia in search of that special mineral needed for the rings. Czech is a very strange language. Simone, Eleanor and John were decent at German which seemed to be the local back up language. But otherwise there was just noise and syllables and nothing to figure out what was going on. The station is like that only many times more chaotic because the noises being made are not like any sounds we have heard. When we arrived, there was an annoying little man with bright hair and a supercilious attitude. He made strange gurgling and squeaking noises. Millicent and Smith understood him but the rest of us were without aid and could only guess at his tirade. (It seems we lacked documentation). To make matters worse, he understood us and took offense at something Liam O’Hannigan said. Remarkably, Smith said something that seemed to straighten him out a bit and we were sent through. Thankfully, our first stop was getting a translation device. Now we can understand everything. Go here for the full story.
Once we were in the hall, we saw all the other creatures. Charles had tried to warn us. We spent the last few weeks viewing pictures and images of various species we would see. They all look so strange. They are different colors. They have different skins. They move differently. Despite all this variety, it seems they also behavior in remarkably human fashion. Some species are gentle and friendly. Some are cruel. Some have talents for building and others for negotiating. I have been keeping a catalog of my encounters and will post some of my observations in a later entry. Suffice it to say, I rather felt like I was visiting the London zoo with all the cages open and the animals were having conversations. It took some days to not be shocked, but as I interacted with these people – and they are people. I have become at ease. Poor Michael was overwhelmed. He simply stayed quiet and hurried back to the ship as much as possible. He did not open up until Oexan Lili directed us to an art museum. In there he finally relaxed. He began to sketch some of things he saw and people would watch him work. We did this several days and Michael became quite an attraction. The museum head even gave us a discount and suggested places he could work.
Sadly all of this came to an abrupt end with the loathsome Winifred Stanhope and Findley Brown nearly killed Neville Carter-Frasier and ran off with Alfred Redman. We had to leave the station for fear they would meet up with Guild and direct authorities to us. Michael left one of his sketches at the museum and the curator said he will frame it and post it the “young world art” section. Michael even managed to laugh and said he would be honored.

I will post more in a week.

Best Regards,

Felicity Richards nee Rand


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