The Omicron Matter – Return to Times Past – A Walk in the Garden

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Return to Times Past. Jason has been left with Halboor Sigmund. Millicent went to the kitchen to meet the staff and pass a note onto Michael and Felicity. She seems anxious for Jason and Sigmund to talk. But Jason sees no reason to trust a man who led the Guild to Millicent.

Author’s Note

It has been a crazy week at work. I am getting this in, barely, today. I have gotten writing on later portions done. But the typing and editing I need to do hasn’t happened. It will over the weekend.

Thanks for your support. Look for more on Monday.

A Walk in the Garden

Jason sat at the table with Millicent and Halboor Sigmund. Liam had left with the assistant Tiitus. Michael and Felicity had cleared plates and were now in the kitchen with the rest of the staff. Sigmund played with his glass of green liquor, looked at Jason and said, “Millicent, I would wager our young engineer would love to see how we keep this place so cool.” He turned to Jason and winked, “And you might like to see her favorite hiding places.”
Millicent pushed the plate back and wrote something on a note. She folded it, tapped it on her hand and eyed Jason with a raised eyebrow. “I think a tour will enlighten you greatly, Mr. McNeill.” She turned to Sigmund and said, “I remember a particular fountain…”
Sigmund nodded and said, “We’ll meet you there. Anton will take care of Mr. O’Hannigan. Meet with the others. Besides the staff will be crushed if they don’t get a chance to say hello.”
Millicent got up and headed towards the kitchen. Halboor Sigmund took his drink and indicated Jason should take his as well and then gestured to the door, “Millicent has loaned you to me for a bit. We have things to discuss. Besides, the staff is quite fond of her.”
Jason frowned a bit, picked up his drink and said, “She does tend to grow on you.” He looked around and then asked, “Won’t Bendiks Kaspar miss our tour?”
Sigmund smirked a little, “Kaspar, like all Kavians, cannot be bothered with operations and machinery.” He eyed Jason as they walked through the door, “But I imagine your crew can handle a bit of …fuss and bother.” Jason said nothing. Sigmund said, “Come along boy, we will tour the garden while Millicent delivers her note and has her moment with the staff.” Jason took a last sip and followed him our of the dining hall and into the large courtyard. Sigmund walked around the courtyard until they stood before a tall, noisy waterfall. He pointed to the fountain and then to his ear and leaned in close to Jason and said, “It is not perfect, but they won’t hear much with this ambient noise. Stay vague. It will take days of processing for them to get anything out of this noise.”
Jason kept his face straight but said in a harsh tone, “Why should I trust you?”
Sigmund said simply, “Millicent does.”
Jason looked at him, “I am not so sure she should after to seeing a bloody Guild agent waiting for her.”
Sigmund shrugged and took a drink of his green liquor, “We went over that at dinner. She knew there was a risk coming here. She had no way of knowing how far out favor I am.” He eyed Jason with a raised eyebrow. “I did not invite these people and she knows me long enough to know I especially dislike Kavians.”
Jason said, “The Guild crushed her planet.” He said in a low voice, “They will crush mine. You are a part of that.”
Sigmund frowned and said, “Did vague not translate well?” He pointed at the fountain and said, “The Guild I was a part of sought fairness. That is a good goal. Surely you’ve seen those with technology, skills, knowledge exploit and pillage those without. I don’t even have to know your history to know it happens.” Jason frowned and stared at the fountain. “It is nature…for all races. The Guild I believed in was supposed to protect weaker races until they could compete.”
Jason said carefully, “It appears different from my reading of your history.”
Sigmund moved to a flower. He face was drawn and his eyes looked tired. “Goals and missions become subject to interpretation. Those in power shape them to their purposes. And those who are in charge become reluctant to step aside for newer thinking.” He sniffed the flower and said, “Some of us got scared. Some of us grew complacent. Others in the Guild, simply grew avaricious.”
Jason sneered, “Which were you?”
Sigmund turned back to him, smiled thinly and said, “If you cannot figure that out on your own, I see no value in helping you.”


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