Felicity’s Journal – Travel Between the Stars


From: Carnyge’s Folly
Date: April 5, 1865

Hello Everyone,

I have been very remiss in my postings. It is not possible to post while we are in transition (more about that later). And Millicent was keen to keep our communication system a secret. Well, there isn’t much of a secret about the Omicron drives anymore so I have started posting again. This entry will be about traveling in Transition. It is safe to say our crew has done the most of any crew in the coalition. (We spent two months getting to the station doing small jumps).

First off, traveling in Transition affects how you feel. When we did it the first time, it was dreadful. Michael and Simone were nearly incapacitated. I could not hold a clear thought and I felt like I was stuck in a swamp. Everything I did took effort. Simone and Charles worked on a solution that took several runs to perfect. It is somehow related to sea sickness (you would have to ask Simone if you want details.). Their solution seems to take the worst of the effect away. We have some injections and Charles works with the nanos in our body to compensate for the strange space.

After the Transition effects were managed, now our biggest problem was boredom. There is very little to do when we are in Transition, especially someone who is supposed to deal with communications. We were cut off even from Smith’s ship – Uycarran Glory. Before each jump (we call the trips in Transition Space “jumps” because we seem to jump across the galaxy), the two ships would carefully plan how long and in what direction. Simone, Rachael and Jason spent a lot of effort before we started the trip perfecting coordination of the two ships. But there is no communication while we are in Transition. There is nothing to see. The stars look a bit streaking when Charles shows us images from outside, but otherwise it could have been a country night with no moon. Jason says radiation and the magnetics outside the ship are tremendously high.

When we traveled to the station, we would only jump for a day or two at a time and stop at star systems along the way. I am sorry to say that I no longer find gigantic gas planets fascinating. The colors are nice and the winds and clouds are exciting. After 40 visits, they have started to look all the same. I find that rather sad.

As any sailor will tell you, after a couple of weeks on a ship, everyone will get bored. Millicent had us doing regular exercise and defense drills. We all had to spend time learning the ins and outs of our roles on the ship. But there simply wasn’t enough to keep us busy, especially with minds like Liam and Jason and Rachael at work. It was not long before pranking seem to be epidemic. AND to make matters worse, Charles seem to abet this tomfoolery. One day all the weights had grease on the handles. We could not lift a single barbell for training. Millicent was not happy. Liam and Jason owned up to that and were made to clean the entire gym. Another time every screen would start with some silly moving picture of a cat. Rachael and Charles were responsible for that. Then there was the time Liam rearranged everyone’s work area. I suppose it is all good fun. Michael and I are currently plotting revenge for a particularly nasty prank involving a drill and our private time. In the end, I think everyone was joyful to see the space station even though we had no idea what to expect.

I will be trying to get a weekly post in. Look for more next Tuesday.

Felicity Richards ‘nee Rand



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