The Omicron Matter – Return to Times Past – Reaching an Understanding

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Return to Times Past. Millicent and the others have found out that Guild has a presence on her sponsor’s planet. The Guild agent makes his greetings and informs everyone what the Guild plans to do with Earth.

Author’s Note

Typing and writing are progressing well.  I have made good progress on the next chapter. My biggest impediment to those seems to be a lack of time. At the risk of sounding a bit whiny, it has been a rough couple of days. Yesterday, my back went out while performing that uniquely Californian activity – shifting buckets of water in the shower. I spent the day alternating between advil, ice, and heat. Then last night I broke a front tooth. This morning was spent getting a temporary tooth constructed. So I am glad to get this story up and know there is more coming.

Thanks for your support and look for more on Monday.

Reaching an Understanding

Millicent clenched her fists, stared at Hallboor Sigmund. His shoulders fell in. His dark green eyes closed. She hissed, “I trusted you.”
The Kanvian Guild Agent strutted forward and patted Hallboor on the back, “Mustn’t blame him too much Millicent Morgaine. After changes in the hierarchy, the Guild is taking a new direction.” He walked up to her and looked up at her and said, “I assume you have spoken with John Smith.”
Millicent made a small motion with her hand at her team and hoped they caught on. “Why no, I have not had the pleasure. I am not sure where I would have met him. I made a detour from my usual trip.”
The Guild agent squinted at her and then at her team. Liam shrugged. Jason managed to look confused. Michael and Felicity were staring at a statue. The agent said, “John Smith was to deliver a message.” He nodded at her team, “They cannot be trusted. We will be taking over the planet for the good of the galaxy and their own progress.” Jason snarled, but she could see Liam stopping him. He smiled in their direction, “Smith was to deliver the ultimatum to you, Millicent.”
Millicent crossed her arms and tapped her fingers, “Well he didn’t. Besides, you can’t do that. Earth is mine. I have the right to plead my case before any such action.”
The Guild agent said, “The rules on such matters have changed with the hierarchy.” He stepped over to the group. “Morgaine, I would have thought Hallboor instilled better manners in you. Introductions..please.” He leaned over and extended his hand out toward Liam, “I am Bendiks Kaspar, of Kanvia…that means nothing to you I’m sure.” Liam ignored the hand and picked his teeth with his pinkie. Millicent almost smiled.
Millicent gritted her teeth and moved over to her former sponsor, “This is Hallboor Sigmund. He has been a great deal of help to me in the past.” Hallboor bowed to her group but kept his eyes on Millicent. She moved to each of her group and introduced them in turn. The Guild agent, Bendiks Kaspar, made to shake hands with each one but was ignored. She finished with Jason and introduced him, “Jason McNeill.”
Kaspar leaned into Jason and said in a harsh tone, “Where do you come from boy?”
Millicent filled in quickly, “A town of no consequence. Friends of his were in need of rescue and I helped.” She waved to the group and said, “They’ve joined me for passage back to earth.”
Kaspar harumphed. He looked at Millicent and said, “And where did you pick them up?”
Millicent shrugged, “I took their contracts on an outlying station – Tymbrimi space I think. I have a patron planning some work.”
Kaspar walked around Jason eying him, “You had another McNeill in a previous group.”
Millicent smiled, “Another gifted engineer. I left him at his home on Earth. The last I heard, he was married and enjoying the country life.”
Kaspar turned and his eyes narrowed, “We recalled him. We had indications he was violating Guild restrictions.”
Millicent felt Jason tense. Liam put an arm on him. She said to Kaspar, “A misunderstanding I am sure. I should have been consulted before that action. Or is the Guild no longer offering that courtesy?”
Kaspar sneered, “Your affection of humans is widely known.” He stared at the group. “Sean McNeill’s actions were serious enough we had to act quickly. And we were right. He was flagrantly violating rules for lesser races.”
Liam muttered, “Lesser races, my … I will clock you…” Millicent glared at Liam who went silent.
Kaspar smiled thinly at Liam and then watched Jason as he said, “We took he and his wife almost 20 years ago. They probably have reached their final destination.” He turned back to Millicent and said, “The McNeill’s proved Earth isn’t stable. We will be guiding this barbaric race for its own good. The council approved. The force is moving.”
Millicent turned to Hallboor and said, “You are on council. How could you let this happen?”
Kasper almost laughed as he said, “You missed the change of the guard, Morgaine. The majority felt the leniency of past council members has resulted in a decline in stability and profits. Hallboor Sigmund has retired by mutual agreement.” He smiled and waved his hands airly, “When the council decided to sanction Earth, we also decided to set up a station here. You should be honored, Millicent Morgaine – an entire Guild outpost waiting just for you.”


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