The Omicron Matter – Return to Times Past – Desert Procession 2

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Return to times past. Having left their weapons at the door, Millicent leads the small group into a huge, lush courtyard. There, they meet Millicent’s sponsor and foster parent. They also find out there are others to meet.

Author’s note

I threw a small surprise in for our group. Now they will have a predicament to escape.  Writing is slowing a bit. I missed last night’s entry as the car charging station was tied up with a car marketing event. (I write while I wait for the car to finish charging – about 50 minutes). I did get some more typing on this chapter done when I got home.

Thanks for your support. Look for more on Friday

Desert Procession

The hallway had a smooth floor and walls. Jason could see no masonry lines. As they got further away from the door, the hallway grew dark. Then at the end was a lighted door. Liam opened it, gaped for a moment and then pulled it open for the others. Millicent went first. Jason followed and stepped into a massive courtyard. He wondered why it wasn’t hot and then saw far above them a ceiling of glass. The light was almost as bright as the walk from the ship, but there was not the stifling heat. The courtyard was filled with plants, fountains and statuary. It would have fit at Kew gardens save for the strange colors. Jason took a deep breath and smelled flowers. Millicent led them to the center of the courtyard and waited.
Jason wandered around the quadrangle. Michael and Felicity sat on a bench. Liam stayed by Millicent’s side. Jason paused and viewed a fountain that seemed to be made of floating glass bowls arranged in a descending spiral pattern. A leafy vine grew up the center support and seemed to extend tendrils to each bowl. It was the most serene thing he had seen in months. Over the sound of splashing fountains, Millicent shouted, “I can give them the tour or you can. Your choice. I am not leaving until we talk.”
A deep voice replied, “You should not have come here.”
Millicent shouted more loudly, “Who else can I trust?”
A tall broad shouldered man with bright red hair, pale pink skin and very green eyes came out from behind a sculpture. He glanced at Jason and the others and said, “And you should not have brought them.”
Millicent said, in a lower voice, “They are why I need to talk to you.”
The man’s shoulders seemed to slump a little, “Time changes things, Millicent. The galaxy does not find their genius so amusing anymore.”
Millicent gestured to Jason and the others, “They can do so much. They just need a chance.”
The man snapped, “They have done too much already.” He walked towards her and pointed at her face, “I saw you four years ago. I should not see you for another four years …at the best of speeds.”
Millicent smiled thinly, “Times change.”
A short thin man with light grey skin and powder blues eyes stepped out. He smoothed his jet black hair back and said, “Yes they do, Millicent Morgaine. They change and now the Guild has much to discuss with you.”
The tall broad shouldered man’s shoulders slumped and he said in a low voice, “They have been waiting. You should not have come, Millicent.”


One thought on “The Omicron Matter – Return to Times Past – Desert Procession 2

  1. Oops. For those who saw an earlier problem…I had a problem with copy past. One hopes it was not to confusing.
    The problem has been edited. Besides, if you had read Monday’s you would have recognized the repeat.


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