The Omicron Matter – Return to Times Past – Desert Procession

A new entry into the Omicron Matter – Return to Times Past. Millicent has returned to the planet where she was fostered following the Uycarran war. Jason and the others find the climate inhospitable, but Millicent seems at ease in the sweltering heat.

Author’s note

Finally! I got behind. This chapter was difficult to get started and then more difficult to corral into a direction.  However, after a measured start, it will end with a bang.  I also had to rush a bit. I have not yet finished typing it, but got the first sections to my long suffering editor (she enjoyed this section better than the last.)

Thank you for your support. Look for more on Wednesday

Desert Procession

Jason was sweating heavily. Millicent had insisted on wearing clothing from Earth. The dark suits and ties seemed absurd in this heat. Felicity had to be suffering even worse with her petticoats. Fortunately, Millicent had forbidden corsets and other foundation garments or Michael would have had to carry his wife to the door. Only Millicent seemed unperturbed by the sun and heat. She leaned over to Jason and said, “Halboor Sigmund will likely have information on your parents. But please don’t push him. I will pick the moment to ask. Your presence, in particular, is going to cause questions as it is.”
Jason muttered, between pants, “Fine…if it means we get the information, I will stay quiet.”
Jason felt a hand on his shoulder briefly and then Liam said, “There’s a good lad…the patient man wins the race.” Liam spoke louder, “Millicent please tell this London cabby there is relief soon.”
Millicent paused on the path from the ship. She opened her parasol looked at Felicity who seemed to be wilting and handed it to Michael. She waved at the large structure and said, “The locals have used climate control for many years. It will be warm, but not as uncomfortable as this.” She looked around and said, “I used to sail carts out here.”
Michael groaned and said, “How did you survive?”
Millicent said, “The Bedouins of your planet survive worse.” She checked her notebook and said, “It is only 43.”
Michael grumbled, “43 never felt like this.”
Jason snorted a little , “43 Centigrade, Michael. Centigrade.” He did a calculation in his head and said, “Think 109. London would melt.” He opened his water bottle and said, “Drink some and make sure Felicity finishes it.” Michael shook his head, but took the bottle drank a bit and handed it to Felicity who drank deeply.
Millicent chuckled and said, “It takes a bit to get used to, but it has its beauty. There is nothing quite like the stars in a desert night.” She moved them forward that last 200 meters to a large ornate gate. When opened, a train could have easily driven through it with room to spare. At one side was a tall door recessed into a wall that seemed to be solid rock.
A voice spoke, “Please leave all weapons at the door.” And the door opened. They entered into the cooler environment. Liam and Felicity sighed in relief. The voice repeated, “Please leave your weapons on the table.”
Millicent looked at Liam and Jason and raised an eyebrow. Jason shrugged and left his cudgel at the table. Liam grumbled as he left his revolver, “I feel naked.”
The voice repeated, “All weapons, please. Your safety is assured.”
Millicent sighed and crossed her arms and stared at Jason and Liam. Jason put his hands out pleading innocence. Liam finally pulled out two knives and put them on the table saying, “They’re knives…they don’t count.”
The voice repeated, “No one will be allowed in until all weapons are put on the table.”
Jason chuckled as Liam pleaded at a furious Millicent, “It ain’t me.”
From the back Jason heard Felicity say, “Fine…seems like a lady can’t have secrets.” She placed three throwing knives on the table.
The voice said, “Thank you for your cooperation in keeping Tianna a safe haven.”
Millicent stared at Felicity and said, “You have been hanging around Rachael too much.” Felicity shrugged, closed the parasol, hefted it a little and raised her eyebrow at Millicent who quickly grabbed it and moved on.


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