The Omicron Matter – Your Patience is Appreciated

I still do not have a new scene ready. I am just about done with the next chapter so there should be a new chapter starting on Monday.   I am very happy with how the chapter is turning out. I am also getting ideas for the following chapters.  So writing is moving along. It probably helped that the car charging station was slow.

Again, I have included an image I developed awhile ago. It is Michael Richards in a Tea Shop.

Michael Richards at the "Galaxy's Best Coffee"

Michael Richards at the “Galaxy’s Best Coffee”

Once again, it is clear that I am new at this whole 3D image thing. The lighting is poor – I have a spot light from one side. His clothes are better than the last post – they have an actual texture.  His pose is a bit forced – getting him to fit into the chair was a challenge.  On the upside, this could be Michael Richards (or at least a CGI rendering of a Grandma Moses image of him).

Thanks for your support. Expect a new entry on Monday


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