The Omicron Matter – We apologize for the delay


Busy, Busy, Busy

Author’s Note,

I am still writing the chapter. I have one more scene to finish. The last scene shaped up well. There should be some fireworks or at least a sparkler in the next round.

So as a small sop to loyal readers, I am including some artwork I did awhile ago. I have been playing with DAZ studio a bit for a couple of years. I am still quite new to it. The title is Millicent in Ships Hall

Millicent in the Ship

Millicent in the Ship

I have a few problems with the image. For a rendering, it is clear that I am new – the lighting is poor and very flat; the material on her dress looks more like green leather than proper linen. As for Millicent, I picture her taller and with black hair and a slightly thinner face.  Anyone who has started out with Daz knows there are difficulties in posing and getting things right and then it is hard to save the changes.

I can’t guarantee there were will be a new chapter starting on Friday. If there isn’t, I have a second rendering of Liam.  Thanks for your support.


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