The Omicron Matter – A Meeting of Friends – The Two Oldest Professions

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – A Meeting of Friends. Winifred Stanhope and Findley Brown will accompany the Guild Master to his soiree. Stanhope and Brown will host an after party get together with the Guild Master. Alfred makes a meal and prepares Winifred’s latest diversion for the night ahead. The small Tymbrimi is far more resilient than Alfred imagined.

Author’s note

This is the last entry for the chapter. Unfortunately, I have not finished writing the next chapter. I am about 3/4 done. The good news is that is moving along nicely now.

Thank you for your support.  Look for more postings soon.

The Two Oldest Professions

Winifred and Findley finally left for the Guild Master’s dinner party. Winifred was wearing a shockingly flimsy dress that was fashionable on the station. Findley settled for a standard unisuit. They would be brining the Guild Master back after dinner. Alfred had asked if an additional entertainer would be necessary, but Winifred said the one should be plenty.
Alfred prepared a meal tray and headed to the bedroom in the suite. Inside was a green haired Tymbrimi named Anya Silverrain. She was wearing a thin negligee that left little to the imagination. At the base of her neck was a mark indicating she had been collared once. She turned to face Alfred. He kept his face straight despite her lack of modesty. “You will want to eat up. They are bringing home the Guild Master.”
She smirked, “I was told he was a regular. A bonus for me.”
Alfred set the table down on a side table. He poured himself some tea and sat on a chair opposite the Tymbrimi entertainer. Anya served herself some of the soup and took a bit of bread and a healthy serving of water and then sat on the settee opposite Alfred and chewed on the bread. Alfred said, “We have been invited to the Central Guild Hall with the next courier. We leave in two weeks. Winifred is finding the delays and time lag …frustrating.”
Anya snorted, “She will be taking the Guild’s fastest transport and she is annoyed with its lack of speed.”
Alfred shrugged, “I don’t know how much you know, but she has experienced faster.”
Anya squinted at him saying, “I hear rumors.” She waved away the thought and said, “The Guild isn’t know for it’s speed or it’s openness to new ideas. I imagine she finds that frustrating.”
Alfred leaned back and settled himself in the chair,”Immensely. She has a habit of taking frustration out on her …assistants. We should work out a means for me to know that you are in trouble.”
Anya laughed, “You are worried about me! How sweet.” She hardened, “I’ve talked with the others about your pair. I have no illusions. I was indentured to the Mollocots for 3 years.” Her eyes seemed to stare into the distance and then refocus, “Your Stanhope is pedestrian and predictable. Mr. Brown is more of a worry, but I expect he will be on a short line with the Guild Master around.”
Alfred sipped his tea, “It would hardly due to embarrass the Guild Master.”
She smiled thinly, ”And I will gain my own leverage tonight. You have information for me?”
Alfred pulled out a small cube and placed it on the settee next to her. She held it for a moment and then the cube disappeared into some hidden fold he could not imagine. “I trust that will be delivered quickly. Things are changing quickly.”
She took some soup and drink a large swallow of water, “My sisters haven’t slipped up yet. If Guild habits stay the same, I should have your message sent and in the cousins hands in a matter of days.”
Alfred sipped his tea and said, “You Tymbrimi have such complex family relations.”
Anya smirked, “We like to think we simplified something else everyone made complicated.”
Alfred stood and said, “If you are in trouble, stare at that corner of the room. I will settle matters quickly.”
Anya giggled, “Iti is right. You are appealing. Maybe the three of us can meet after this is over.”
Alfred smiled, bowed and left the room hoping his blush was not too obvious.


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