The Omicron Matter – A Short Story – Making Bail

Millicent has met up with Abu Silverbeam and Iti Greeneyes. They are about to go in. The discussion turns to who started it. Millicent gets another surprise.

Author’s Note

This was the part my long suffering editor said did not add to the story. But I had too much fun writing it not to share it.  I am slowly progressing on the next section. It is probably half way done. I have one more section to this short story and I will return to the regular plot.

Thanks for your support. Look for more on Friday

There is a book on everything

Millicent snapped, “Enough…Dare I ask who started it?”
Silverbeam and Smith looked at Iti Greeneyes. She shrugged, “Don’t know for sure. We have to talk to the desk sergeant to get the final say. The book makers are favoring Bloodbone baiting Rachael.”
Abu Silverbeam scratched his head, “I put mine on Giggledust Glowfeather and Jason.”
Liam said brightly, “That is where my money is!”
Smith took off his hat and cleaned it a bit and said, “Mine was on Giggledust and Dhipin starting the row with Mrs Richards and Carter-Frasier.”
Silverbeam hit Smith on the lapels with the back of hand, “Now there is a long shot. That was never going to happen. Glad to take your money.”
Smith frowned at his lapel and cleaned it off saying, “We’ll see.” He returned the hat back to his head.
Millicent pinched the bridge of her nose and said in a slow voice, “Am I to believe there is an organized betting pool on this …this brawl?”
Liam suddenly became interested in the details of the upper portions of the building. Greeneyes chuckled. Silverbeam said in a friendly tone, “Millicent…Millicent Morgaine. There is a book on everything. I’ve been told by my financial manager that the book on this one is quite high.”
She groaned and closed her eyes, “I am in new territory here.” She waved her hands and looked at Greeneyes, “What will your cousins be doing after they are released?”
Greeneyes grinned sharply, “Those that are fit, will be polishing ship fixtures for the next week. Those that aren’t will be tended to and then clean storage areas.” She said in a low voice, “I don’t care for malingering.” She looked at Millicent and Smith together, “Traditionally the captains of the crews cover the damages.” She shrugged, “It happens enough that bars in that area hide the expensive booze and glasses and shift chairs out on special nights. The bill shouldn’t be too bad.”
Millicent shook her head, “Books on the fight. Bars that prepare.” She glared at Smith and Silverbeam, “You did not tell me about this.”
Smith said dryly, “And spoil the surprise? Besides, you would have influenced the outcome. I plan on doing some refitting on my winnings.”
Silverbeam laughed, “You wish with your bet.”
Millicent pointed at the doors, “Can we finish this?” She looked at Greeneyes and said, “I’ll follow your lead. The ships will be shining brightly by weeks end.” She glared at Liam and said, “If I see a hint of grin out of you, I will have Charles design your punishment.” Liam paled and put on a straight face.


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