The Omicron Matter – A short story – Making Bail

The second part in the short story. Millicent finds out that the brawl is really just the locals having a bit of fun with the new team.  She is not pleased.

Author’s note

One of the most memorable bar fights in my mind is the bar fight from the original Star Trek in the episode “The Trouble with Tribbles.”  It is early in season one. The end result is that the Enterprise crew has bonded over the fight. I find them very traditional. On the other hand, writing must be a huge pain. How does one choreograph all the moving parts.  I simply leave it to the imagination of the reader to figure out how it all played out.

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A Walk to the Office

About an hour later, Millicent kept up a brisk pace walking to the security office. The combined groups had spent the night in holding cells to sober up and cool down according to the desk sergeant. John Smith joined them as they exited the hanger holding Millicent’s ship. Millicent glanced at him and asked, “Neville too?”
Smith turned to Liam and said, “Mr. O’Hannigan, Mr. Redman would normally serve me in this exercise. Can I prevail upon you in this matter?”
Liam rolled his eyes and then said, “Aye…I’ll see to it.”
Smith shrugged, “They may have participated in a local tradition for new arrivals.”
Millicent stopped and the two caught up with her. She hissed, “Local tradition?”
Smith smiled and nodded to the two Tymbrimi waiting at the security station, “They will explain.”
Millicent looked ahead and saw Abu Silverbeam and Iti Greeneyes at the base of the ramp and stairs leading to the security office. They waved warmly. Millicent continued her fast pace and reached the office stairs. Silverbeam smiled and bowed, “Good morning! A fine spring morning it is too.”
Millicent breathed a little easier as the small man seemed as friendly as ever. Then she began her rehearsed speech, “Abu, I am terribly sorry about this matter. I assure you it will be dealt with appropriately.” Greeneyes coughed into her hand.
Silverbeam’s eyes twinkled a little as he said, “Iti will handle the cousins and I expect you will be having your group doing drills for a few days. But Millicent…Welcome to the family!” and then he hugged her in a friendly fashion. The difference in height was such that his head hit her at about her chest and more than one pat was on her bum.
Millicent awkwardly patted Silverbeam and then leaned down and whispered in his ear, “Pat my ass one more time, and you will find out what a Ucyrannan can do with her bare hands. Iti will need a bag for your parts.”
Silverbeam quickly released her and brushed himself off. Millicent crossed her arms, “Explain.”
Silverbeam straitened his unisuit and said, “Oh, I will be suitably stern in front of my crew, but your team has just welcomed to the fold.” He clapped Millicent on the shoulder. She glared at the hand and Silverbeem pulled it away quickly. He said brightly, “Nothing like a good bar fight and a night in the brig to build the bonds of camaraderie”.”
She heard Liam mutter, “Felt like a Bull and Cow meets a Giraffe”

She was not sure of his meaning but she had an idea. He tipped his cap at her while keeping a straight face and said more loudly, “But it ain’t right.” She glared at him.
Greeneyes said, “Is he speaking English? My translator could not parse that.”
Smith smiled, “The words were all there. But making sense can be hard.”

[“Bull and Cow” – Row or fight.
“Giraffe” – Laugh]


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