The Omicron Matter – A Short Story- Making Bail

Millicent finds out her contractors have been involved in a brawl and she is not happy.

Author’s Note

When my long suffering editor read this chapter, she said this part did not have a purpose and it went on too long. She is probably right on both counts. So I am pulling it out of the main story and sticking in my short story section.  I had fun with the dialog and the twist so I wasn’t ready to discard it completely. It will take a couple of days to post the whole story.

Thanks for your support. Look for more on Monday.

Making Bail

Breakfast with Exasperation

Millicent spent an hour pacing the ship’s halls fuming and ranting. She in a delicate dance with others in the coalition and she needed their support for defending Earth. To have this brawl with the crews would simply complicate matters more and played into the notion that humans were ill-mannered and barbaric. This was the worst possible thing that could happen at this point. Thankfully, Liam was not involved. He was listening but she found him far from helpful. She stopped her pacing and wagged a finger, “I cannot believe you are condoning such…such… childish behavior.” She crossed her arms and continued pacing, “That is an insult to their parents. I will bet they did not act like that when they were children.”
Liam said mildly but with a small smirk, “Don’t be so sure. Rachael and John had their scrapes. It was that kind of neighborhood. Can’t speak to the others. Millicent…I am just saying this might not be as bad as you think.”
She practically screamed, “They assaulted people who are supposed to be our allies. How can that not be bad?”
Liam put his hands up and pleaded “I’ve heard that part…make sure you hear the whole story before you really hurt them.”
Charles spoke up, “This IS his area of expertise, Millicent: brawls and childish behavior.”
Millicent scowled a bit and Liam glared at the ceiling saying, “And as expert of brawls, I say we go to the station, pay their bail and figure out what to do after we hear the whole story.”
Millicent stood up straight and put her hands behind her back and said, “Very well, expert on brawls and childish behavior, I will keep my plans to myself. But know that suitable punishments will be dispensed.”
Liam shrugged, “Didn’t say they shouldn’t have consequences. Just making sure we have the right perspectives here.” He moved to the galley stove and said, “Now since we can’t do anything until the security office is open and Felicity is not available to cook a savory breakfast. Care to try the vittles from a London Taxi man?”
Millicent sat at the long table and said, “Fine, might as well.” She leaned forward and smiled a bit, “I’ve been wondering what breakfast from you would be like. What on the menu?”
Liam coughed a bit and blushed and then recovered, “Bangers, mash and eggs. And a fine pot of tea.”
Charles muttered, “Of course, the English haven’t yet discovered fresh fruit.”


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