The Omicron Matter – Building a Coalition – Sergeants At Work

A new entry in the Omicron Matter, Building a Coalition Revised. Having dispersed Guild agents from the bar, Iti Greeneyes now introduces Liam O’Hannigan to the other assistants in the coalition. Liam quickly learns Iti’s gift for embellishment and her generosity with other people’s money

Author’s note

I am recognizing I need some pictures of my characters. I am hoping I can convince someone to start providing some pictures that I might use to supplement my meager writing efforts. Liam is one that has needed a picture almost from the beginning. What does a 19th century  London Taxi man look like transplanted on a tropical planet thousands of light years away?

I have started writing the next chapter. I had a long drive with some long stops which gave good blocks of time to work. There is a bit of a jump in the story line so getting it started is a bit of work.

Thanks for you support. Look for more on Wednesday

Sergeants At Work

Greeneyes turned to the small crowd and raised her glass saying, “I’m back early cohorts and here one of the people who made that possible.” She pointed to Liam. There were whoops and pounding on tables.
Liam muttered under his breath, “don’t know as how I made it possible.”
Greeneys muttered back, “Don’t step on my lines and learn to take a compliment.” She continued to the group, “Humans made the breakthrough. You and your firms will have new markets and new hunting grounds. Families can stay at home. You can see your children grow up.” she shrugged expressively, “If you want.” There was more whooping, cheering, and pounding of tables.” She shushed them down, “Liam and his people work with us now. Some of them have been working on your ships no doubt. Treat them well or I will have the Esquire, here, practicing the art of persuasion on you.”
Someone shouted “How are we going to know these people? Why should we help them?”
Greeneyes smiled, “It seems Earth has had a falling out with the Guild. They are joining our little rag tag band.”
Another shouted, “Oh aye, won’t that cause Morgaine a fit.”
Liam scratched his ear, but said nothing. Greeneyes pointed to its source and said, “Hold that thought. The next few days are going to have some big surprises. Now drink on.” She slapped Liam on the shoulder and said, “The Esquire is buying the round.”
Liam looked at the Hoon behind the bar who was grinning at him as he pour drinks. Liam raised one finger and said, “One round only.” He muttered, “I am going to need a raise.”


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