The Omicron Matter – Building a Coalition – Sergeants at Work

A new entry in the Omicron Matter, Building a Coalition, revisited. Liam O’Hannigan has been invited to drinks by Iti Greeneyes. She will be introducing him to the other assistants of the coalition. Before introductions can be made, the area must be cleared. Iti has developed special drink just for that purpose.

For those who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Author’s note

Liam O’Hannigan will be the foot soldier of Millicent’s crew. Rather he will be the sergeant. Any good combat group has a commander and a sergeant to explain those commands to the foot soldier.  And in the grey world of this coalition, he will be the interface that Millicent cannot be.

Thanks for your support. Look for more on Monday.

Sergeants At Work

Iti Greeneyes raised her glass and drank a full measure of the spicy ale. Liam drank his, but failing to match the gusto of the smaller Tymbrimi woman. He gasped, “Criminey…this stuff is spicy. How do you drink it?”
She grinned, “Some of us were weaned on this ale.” She shrugged, “One must train the palate.”
They were sitting at an outdoor bar. The lighting gave her blue hair an odd color. Being outdoors was refreshing. Such might happen in Europe, but not in London with its foul weather and grimy streets. The station had openings into the hallways and cafes in the corridors, but Liam always felt like he was in a large tunnel. From this bar, he could see the street and watch the sunset over the park. The Tymbrimi had adopted this planet for its lush landscape and they had built the base to show it off.
Liam sipped the drink a bit more carefully and asked, “So where are these others we are supposed to meet?”
Iti said, “Patience Liam O’Hannigan. They are waiting for me to say it’s safe.”
Liam snapped and hissed, “I am not a bloody Guild agent.”
Iti eyed him for a moment and then smirked, “Everyone at this bistro knows that. Guild are better trained.” She rolled her eyes and then said quietly, “but others here are Guild agents. Silverbeam claims it is clean here. My cousins and I see things different. Now shut up and drink your pequin ale. I paid for it so no whining. I am sussing out who the real agents are.” After a few moments she called over the Hoon bartender. She leaned on the bar and said quietly, “Chadohz, does the Anomid down there ask a lot of questions?” She nodded towards the short thin character who had grey hair and silver eyes.
The Hoon picked up a glass in front of her and began to clean it. Without looking up, he said, “He asks enough…” He nodded towards Liam, “New guy?”
Greeneyes nodded and said, “Chadohz, meet Liam O’Hannigan of earth. Recent addition to our social club.” Chadohz eyed Liam with one stalked eye like a lizard. Liam shivered a little but nodded. Greeneyes said, “He’s ok. I will explain later.” She sipped her drink and said, “If I sent the Anomid a ‘Tymbrymi Goodnight’, would he get the message?”
Chadohz smiled showing a great number of pointy teeth and said, “He is new. I will explain the courtesy.” He looked at the glass and said, “The drink should tell the other two agents to leave as well.” He nodded to Liam and said, “Everyone has seen your new friend.” Greeneyes shrugged and said, “We control their communications and they know it. We will make clear this isn’t to leave planet.” She tapped the bar saying, “But I haven’t been properly introduced to the new gentleman. Send him the drink and let him know to expect a visit tomorrow.”
Chadohz mixed the drink of clear alcohol and some odd chasers that Liam didn’t recognize. He added a bit of fruit and an umbrella and then walked it down to the gentleman in question and began talking. Liam looked at the drink and said, “Tymbrimi Goodbye?”
Greeneyes smiled and said, “Local specialty. The alcohol is close to what you would call gin but comes from different berries. The additives change color with time and temperature. The the first taste it turns a brilliant blue. It works its way through the spectrum until it ends up a very deep blood red. Chadohz will let him know to leave before it turns red.” She took a sip of her own drink and said, “Scan the bar discreetly. You’ll notice several people calling in their tabs now. Two of them are Guild spies that we allow to work. Others will be following those spies to make sure they don’t talk too much. The word about the drink gets out. Some say it’s the color that sends the message. Others say it is the umbrella. All know a reckoning is to be made and make themselves scarce.”
Liam glanced at the man getting the drink with the umbrella. He scowled at first, then shook his head. He looked down at Greeneyes who smiled a bit and raised her glass. The man eyed her, took a measured drink, dropped at tip and left the bar.
Chadohz returned and spoke a bit more loudly, “He was annoyed but not surprised. He looks forward to meeting you formally.”
Greeneyes smiled, “It is so much easier when they cooperate.” Slowly, the remaining patrons gathered around the shaded bar.


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