The Omicron Matter – Changes in Plans – Escape Complete

A new entry in the Omicron Matter –Changes in Plans and New Courses. Winifred Stanhope’s attempt to open the doors failed with her weak prosthetic hand. The matter was left to Findley Brown. Using the tools available, he managed to force the doors open. But has he escaped?

For those who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

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Escape Complete

Winifred’s tapping sounded angry and he had not believed that was possible.  It would be up to him to get out of the room and then release her. He found his own hidden butter knife. The utensil was useless as cutlery – it barely cut cooked vegetables. At least now it had a more meaningful purpose as he removed the screws quickly. He removed the panel and examined the gears and cables. He reached up and pulled the cable down. The doors opened a crack and then resisted. There was very little to brace himself on. He climbed up on the entry wall, braced with his feet and pulled but the door remained stubbornly closed. His hands were starting to blister. He found a belt and wrapped it around the cable. The extra length gave him better purchase as he pulled using both legs now. The door cracked two inches. Not enough for him to get through, but enough for him to use other methods.

Findley disassembled the utilitarian chair. Using one of the chair legs, he started levering the doors open. Each inch seemed to be a supreme effort, but the two doors slowly separated.  Finally he had enough to force himself through. Pushing himself, he collapsed in the hall at the feet of Alfred Redman.


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