The Omicron Matter – Changes in Plans – Escape Attempt

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Changes in Plans and New Courses. Winifred Stanhope has resolved to escape. However, her available methods leave her only crude options.

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Escape Attempt

Winfred worked the knife as a screw driver with her left hand and useless prosthetic  on the right. Getting the screws took longer than she would have liked, but they gave way. A panel exposing the workings of the sliding doors slipped off and she moved it away.  Inside the cavity were gears and a cable to pull the door open.  She molded the digits of her replacement hand and fixed them as best she could.  She reached up and snagged the cable and pulled. It resisted and she pulled harder; the door opened a bit but stopped after less than an inch.  She tightened the straps on the prosthetic and leaned harder, bracing with her feet and legs. The fingers of the fake broke off and Winifred slammed into the other side of the entryway  swearing viscously.  She resisted the urge to break something else. She took a deep breath and then went to the wall and tapped out a new message.


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