The Omicron Matter – Arranging a Demonstration – Returning to Tau Ceti

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Arranging a Demonstration.  Egos smoothed, everyone is on the bridge of Millicent’s ship as it drops out of transit.  Contact is made with the station and a final feature of the devices is shown.

For those who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Author’s note

This is the final entry in “Arranging a Demonstration”.  A lot of territory was covered thematically and literally. The next chapter is a bit more action packed.

Look for new entries on Friday.

Return to Tau Ceti

Millicent listened as Eleanor took over the piloting of the ship.  She called out commands to Jason and Michael.  The dullness disappeared immediately.  Sioubos At groaned, “There must be a better solution.”

Millicent replied, “We can have you work with Charles and Camille to tune your nanites.  Simone Campbell is working on a permanent solution but we are going to need more data.”

Sioubos At grumbled, “Which you Uycarrans will profit from?”

Millicent smiled and said, “It is what we do. However, I can imagine early adopters of the drives getting a significant discount and a chance at early prototypes. “ Sioubos At just grunted.  Millicent said,  “Miss Richards, please contact the station and arrange our arrival. Also ask what the score of the Xenoball match.”

Felicity communicated the message and then came back “The Titans are ahead 48-21 in the third quarter. I can have Mr. McNeill relay the match to the galley if you would like …Mr. At.”

Sioubos At eyes went wide. Silverbeam pursed his lips and said, “I had a significant stake on the Swap Lizards.”  Millicent saw Greeneyes smile widely and lean over saying something to Liam who stifled a laughed.

Sioubos At gaped and then said, “How?”

Jason McNeill said, “We were outside of the universe…so it was stopped…to us. So we just took a trip to a neighboring star and came back. The time elapsed was the time we spent in normal space. “

Silverbeam smiled and said, “I think this will be quite useful to us, Millicent Morgaine. Welcome to the coalition.”


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