The Omicron Matter – Arranging A Demonstration -Travel to Transit

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Arranging a Demonstration. Millicent has Brian Tuireann and Ciom Olo and their assistants. The ship is under heavy acceleration to get to their transit points quickly. For those who are able, Millicent offers an early tour of the engine room and the FTL machines.

For those who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Author’s Note

A lot of good science fiction books I am reading right now use ship acceleration as a means of generating gravity. Constant acceleration also means higher speeds more quickly. Regardless, I am still playing very fast and loose with distances traveled and time.  I am making this seem like an afternoon picnic when reality would be closer to weeks of travel. Reality doesn’t always serve the creative process.

I have just spent several days with my family so I hope to have much written.

Thank you for your support. Look for more on Friday

Millicent  – Traveling to the Gas Giant

Everyone was at their stations. With John on Smith’s ship, Jason was handling ship operations. Canynges’ Folly  and  Uycarran Glory left the station and planet orbit and poured on acceleration to the sixth planet in the system. It was a gas giant of huge proportions and had nearly a hundred moons.  Michael’s plan was to enter jump on the other side. Between the huge planet and the many moons, two ships disappearing for a few moments was unlikely to be detected by unfortunate chance.

The acceleration was nearly twice normal earth gravity.  Neither she nor Brian Tuireann were affected. Having having spent their childhood on a large planet, their physiology was adapted to such conditions. But her earthling crew was tiring and Ciom Olo amd his assistant could barely move.  Millicent offered an early view of the drives. Brian and Uynack accepted, but the two Kaum Legit declined and settled into the galley chairs. Liam followed them and made conversation with Uynack.

In the engine room, Simone sat in front of the console. She started to get up, but Millicent waved her down. “You can talk from there and we all need you fully rested for the transition.” Millicent pointed to the engineer and said, “This is Simone Campbell – one of the chief designers of the devices. She also was key in designing the factory that will build your drives.”

Uynack wasted no time, “How does this device work?”

Simone answered smoothly, “Jason is our theoretician, but my understanding is that one device creates a field that separates us from the Universe. A second device moves us forward at a high velocity.  What makes the trips faster is that we ‘take short cuts’.  According to Jason, the universe is not flat like a sheet of paper or smooth. We can jump from one place in the universe to another.”

Brian asked, “And how long does travel take?”

Simone shrugged, “It depends. It seems the farther we go, the faster the apparent speed. We are jumping to a star three light years away. It will take about three hours.”  She looked at her notebook and wrinkled her mouth, “It is difficult to know how much time has passed outside of our field. But all of our early tests indicate that it is effectively stopped.”

Brian wandered around the room looking at the ring assembly and then said, “What inspired such a device?”

Millicent coughed a little into her fist. Simone smile broadly saying, “Mr. Tuireann, that is what we call a ‘trade secret’. Suffice to say, we were given a germ of an idea and followed the trail to this end.”  There was a pause as translators dealt with idioms. Millicent breathed easier. Simone was careful not to reveal the extent of “inspiration” by the notebooks.  Patent standing was challenged on such matters and regardless of how the Guild viewed this technology, she wanted her group to have its rights.

Brian stared at the wall behind the rings and asked, “Where is the dark energy stored?”

Simone scratched her head and said, “Jason is the theoretician on these things and he can explain more exactly.” She pointed to the large metal cube next to the rings saying, “The cube holds a large super conducting coil.”

Brian raised his eyebrow and asked, “And you know about super conducting material?”

Simone squinted back and said, “As I said before, we followed clues and trails. I’ve found researching super conducting materials quite interesting in these past few months. “

Brian smirked at her and said, “You’ve learned remarkably fast.”

Simone leaned back and tapped the table with her fingers. Millicent was glad Rachael wasn’t here or she might unleashed some interesting new phrases.  Simone leaned forward she said, “Using Millicent’s …assistant, I’ve been conducting experiments on ideal alloys and ideal temperatures. Access to new…at least new to me…elements and working in space allowed me to enhance the common crystal matrix associated with super conductors. I’ve improved its performance, reduced the costs associated with its creation and found more efficient cooling mechanisms. ”  She smirked back at him saying, “I can speak slower and use smaller words if you think that is more becoming a barbarian.”

Liam hissed, “Atta girl.”

Brian stared back open mouthed. Uynack waggled his fingers and said, “Millicent did say they were very fast learners.”

Millicent shrugged and said, “I gave them access to my …library.”

Uynack’s mouth got big in a smile saying, “And we all know how very good Uycarran …libraries are.”

Brian bowed slightly saying, “I am sorry to have doubted Miss Campbell. Continue and I will interrupt no further.”

Liam muttered, “Damn straight, you won’t.” Millicent elbowed him hard and he gasped.

Simone nodded and waved the comment away, “I understand, Mr. Tuireann. Caveat Emptor and all that. I suppose it is always a surprise when the horse talks back. Anyway the device collects the dark matter in the spaces between the atoms. Or more precisely, the spaces between the electrons and the nucleus.  To me, that sounds like energy is behaving like matter and that doesn’t make sense to me. Jason says that is acceptable and he’s the theoretician.” She waved her hands at the box and said, “What I observe is that it works.”



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