The Omicron Matter – Arranging a Demonstration – Gathering at the Dock

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Arranging a Demonstration.  Millicent and Liam are waiting by the ships with John Smith and Alfred Redman.  The customers have agreed to the demonstration and are now arriving. Millicent has a surprise and will need to adjust her thinking on this trip.

For those who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Author’s note

Millicent should be more calm before such a demonstration, but in this case she is selling something illegal – a new experience for her. I expect this would rattle her normally calm demeanor.

On a writing note, I probably could have started a new chapter at this point from coherency standpoint. But it was written as one and in the chapter page, I put a heading to break up the chapter.

Thanks for your support.

Millicent on the Dock

Millicent paced outside Canynges’ Folly. She glanced over at John Smith and Uycarran Glory. Smith was motionless and Alfred Redman was positioned at his shoulder. Smith nodded to her and gave her a two finger salute. Millicent gritted her teeth and bowed back. Beside her, Liam O’Hannigan observed, “You sure you’ve done this before?”

Millicent stopped and turned to him and then moved to her own position next to Liam. She said, “Yes…just nothing so…under the counter.”

Liam continued to look straight forward said, “I found the trick to such dealings is to act is if they were perfectly normal. It looks less suspicious to the bobbies. And I always got better profits.”

Millicent eyed him narrowly saying, “That should make an interesting conversation.”

Liam said, “It will. Provided it’s in a bar and you’re buying. But our customers are arriving. Look lively!”

Millicent took a breath and calmed herself and strode towards the arriving parties.

Brian Tuireann arrived with Uynack Vaxux. Brian greeted Millicent with, “I expect this to be a most enlightening trip.” He looked over at Smith who was greeting his guests and said, “Who would have thought a Smith and a Morgaine working together?”

Smith over hearing his name said, “I know. I am shocked myself. Still…you know as well as we do, it has happened before.”

Brian quirked his smile, “So it has. I hope this collaboration ends better.”

Millicent blanched but Smith smiled saying, “The partnership is young…but that is the best time for investors to get in.”  Smith turned his attention to two the Tymbrimi.  Her suit screen told her it was Abu Silverbeam, a smuggler, arms dealer and other felonious pursuits. She assumed the other was his assistant.

Silverbeam turned to her and said, “There is a book on when this partnership breaks up.”

Millicent said, “I hope you took the long time.”

Silverbeam bowed saying, “I’m running the book. I get the pool if you last.”

Millicent greeted the Kaum Legit, Ciom Olo.   Liam greeted him as well saying “You weasel…I dinna know you were looking.”

Ciom Olo waggled his fingers, “Why should I be a long furry carnivore?  Regardless, this was set up at the same time as your appointment at the store. Not all business is done through a store front.”

Smith interjected, “I’ve been trying to convince her of that for a year.”

Millicent made introductions, “Ciom Olo of Kaum Legi, John Smith of Uycarra.

Smith bowed. Ciom Olo blinked once slowly and said, “So this is the infamous John Smith. Your reputation precedes you.”

Smith smiled thinly saying, “And one tries so hard to keep a low profile.”

Clio Olo blinked slowly again and said, “We have not dealt directly. You have a reputation for, “he paused and said, “Efficiency. But one should count the silver after you leave.”

Smith pouted his lips saying, “You wound me. Besides, there is little market for serving utensils.”

Everyone’s attention turned to a being coming into the docking area. It was 2 meters long, had no legs or torso. Two arms jutted out.  Thin eyes were above a large mouth.  He was covered by a brightly hued cape and was followed by a Hoon carrying a rifle. Brian and Ciao Olo shuffled feet or changed color but expressed no surprise at his presence.  Millicent hissed at Smith, “Gods Smith!, You invited him?”

Smith smiled at her saying, “His credit is quite good and he has little use for the Guild.” He eyed her and said, “Consider it a test. Win him over and the coalition will be a reality.”

Liam said, “Whose this slug?”

Millicent said, “That is Sioubos At.  He is the commerce head of the largest group of slave traders. No one can understand how Mollocots control anything  – plants seem to move faster. But they achieved space travel before their neighbors and proceeded to rule and generally enslave their neighbor cultures.”

Sioubos At glided up to the group and  greeted Smith saying, “I do business with you, not her.”

Smith crossed his arms and said, “I was clear. I have 35% and she has the rest.” Sioubos At grunted.  Smith continued, “Without her, you will have nothing.”

Millicent eyed Sioubos At but said nothing. Sioubos At spread his mouth in a wide smile and said, “You despise me as much as I despise you.”

Millicent said, ”At least we understand each other. Deals are made on less. Buy the product or not. But I am and will be the only source for these drives.”

Sioubos At closed his mouth and narrowed his large eyes and turned his back to her and moved towards Smith’s ship. Redman and Liam began herding the others towards the ships. Millicent was left with Smith. He clasped his hands together and rubbed them in mock glee, “Now that we have pleasantries out of the way…shall we make a profit?”


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