The Omicron Matter – Arranging a Demonstration – Arrival at Silverbeam’s Ship

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Arranging a Demonstration. John Smith has his own clients to cultivate. Abu Silverbeam is a trader in a loose sense of the word. He can be hired to “procure” valuables and information from unwilling customers.  He’ll trade those for credit, more valuables or information.  Silverbeam is sharp enough to hide his work so he can dock at stations easily.  Smith arrives with Neville Carter-Frasier and Alfred Redman and encounters Silverbeam’s guards.

For those who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Author’s Note

The location I was working from limited my ability to post this. So it is a day late. I will get back on schedule tomorrow. Aliens continue to proliferate in my story. I now have an encyclopedia of aliens – their descriptions, habits and common name traits.  I suppose I should have known such record keeping would be necessary in Sci Fi saga.

Thank you for your support. Look for more tomorrow.

Arrival at Silverbeam’s Ship

John Smith led Neville Carter-Frasier and Alfred Redman through the corridors. Carter-Frazier was handling the transition remarkably well. Translating for the others probably stiffened his spine. Rachael Weiz was right: building his confidence with others was paying dividends.  Redman was as unperturbable as always.  The man showed less emotion than a Kaum Langit. At least with them, a skin color changed to fit a mood.

At a dock door that looked like every other there were two guards. On the left stood a relatively tall Hoon with blue scales for skin (he was almost as tall as Redman). He opened his mouth and smiled showing a large number of sharp teeth and flicked his tongue.  No ear lobes on either side and his eyes appeared to be independent of one another.  At his side was a light side arm. On the right stood a Tymbrimi,  a small statured woman with the same long hair as the bureaucratic customs agent. Her hair was bright blue.  The Tymbrimi asked, “John Smith, what brings you to our ship. I had heard you were running errands for the Guild.”

Smith smiled thinly saying, “Iti Greeneyes, we all take tasks we find distasteful if the money is right. Most of us try to work multiple jobs at once making such tasks less …onerous.  It pays the bills.”

The Hoon on the left said, “You Ucayranns have more money than some planets. Since when do you have to do favors for the Guild?”

Smith glared at the Hoon who closed his mouth at the look. Smith leaned forward and over the Hoon and placed a hand on the bulkhead next to the Hoon’s head and said, “I am planning an early retirement.  And I got the Guild to pay my expenses for a second more important job. Do you have a problem with my loyalties?”  He nodded to the door and said, “Silverbeam is expecting me. I am happy to discuss my current clients if you want, but you might want to check with your commander.”

The Hoon snapped his eyes forward and he stuttered, “NNOoo.. Sir. I …I was just making a joke.”

Greeneyes smiled and pulled out a communicator and said, “John Smith is here.” The large dock doors opened.  Greeneyes waved them forward and followed them in. She looked up at Smith and winked, “I’ll be joining the discussion.”

Smith smiled as they walked saying, “Promotion?”

Greeneyes said, “An opening developed and I applied.”  Smith looked down at the diminutive Greeneyes who looked up with a straight face “Silverbeam’s exec officer, Festle and I had a long discussion about my working hours and career path.  He made some suggestions for extra tasks he felt would advance my career path. I found his ideas …objectionable. ”

Smith snorted and said, “I remember him.  Thought himself a bit of a ladies man.”

She stopped at the portal door of the ship and said, “Sadly he developed breathing difficulties during the discussion and we never finished the conversation.” She opened the door for the group and said, “I applied for the position naturally.”

Smith smiled saying, “Naturally. You are far more adept than he was.”

Neville said from behind, “I don’t understand. Why did his breathing difficulties open a position?”

Smith said over his shoulder, “Because he couldn’t breathe in space.”

Neville gasped. Alfred eyed the portal door and said, “How very efficient.”

Smith bowed to Greeneyes  with a quirked smile and said, “Regardless, I am sure Silverbeam knew who was really doing the work.  And I am sure he’ll hardly notice it was his brother-in-law you spaced.”

Greeneyes smiled thinly back, “We discussed the family. Apparently, Silverbeam felt obliged to gift the position to Festle.“ She shook her head and said, “Strange family obligation. Said he didn’t even like that sister. He gave me a signing bonus.” Smith laughed, clapped Greeneyes on the shoulder and walked into the room.


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