The Omicron Matter – Arranging a Demonstration – A New Drive

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Arranging a Demonstration. Brian Tuireann dismissed Uynack so he wouldn’t hear things that the Guild might consider illegal.  Millicent and Jason explain the drive. Brian is skeptical but Millicent’s presence proves that the device exist.

For those who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Author’s Note

I will have a little problem later on in that I bring Uynack back into the story. Brian is going to need to change his mind.

I am making slow progress on writing the next section. I am trying to figure out how to break out of a room. Having never had to do that, I am finding it a little hard.

Thank you for your support. Look for more on Monday.

A new drive

Jason protested, but Rachael grabbed his arm hard and he quieted. Millicent said, “Brian, what do you think will happen when they hear Sean’s son is travelling? Besides, they made the machines and they will be getting a share of the profit.”

Brian said softly, “They will pay a price.”

Rachael let go of Jason’s arm and leaned forward and said, “Seems to me, we were going to pay that price anyway guv’. My folk have a saying…’might as well hang for a sheep as a lamb.’ But then we’re barbarians with no culture, no sense of restraint, and no morals…or at least that’s what the newssheets and announcements are saying. “

Brian narrowed his eyes and said, “What precisely do you know?”

Millicent coughed into her hand and waved at Rachael and Jason to be quiet. She looked at Brian Tuireann and said, “Perhaps we can discuss that at length another time.  I have something to sell.  Something that could help you a great deal.” She leaned back and said, “I was considering letting you do some reselling…if you liked the product. But if you’re squeamish, I can find other buyers.”

Brian glared at her and then leaned back in his chair and waved, “Fine, you have a faster than light device. So does the Guild and they won’t care for competition. ”

Millicent shrugged and said, “I am hoping to change their minds. Regardless, the energy required by Guild drive is expensive. Our drive is very different. The energy cost is virtually nil.”  Brian smirked and leaned back. Millicent smiled back at him saying, “Jason actually says the drive uses no standard fuel. The only fuel used was intrasystem and ship operations.”

Brian waved his hands saying, “And what does the drive use? Fairy dust?”

Jason leaned in this time and said, “I believe you know it as ‘Dark Energy’.”

Brian’s head turned in Jason’s direction and said, “That’s impossible.”

Millicent spread her hands taking in the room and said, “and yet here we are. A bit over a year since we last met. New contractors. All fueled.” She put her finger on the table saying, “And the devices take less space than a Guild FTL engine.”

Jason smiled at him thinly.  Rachael licked a finger and marked the air saying, “Score one for the barbarians.”

Brian was quiet for a few moments. He looked at Jason and Rachael and said, “Remarkable. Nobody has harnessed dark energy before.”

Jason leaned back and said, “We’re still…” Rachael elbowed him hard.

Millicent interrupted him, “We’re still working on other uses. But our FTL drive is very efficient in its use.”

Brian narrowed his eyes Jason and Rachael.  Rachael leaned her chin on her hand and smiled broadly back. Millicent was sure Jason had a bruise on his ribs.

Brian turned back to Millicent and asked, “Do you have proof?”

Millicent held out her hands again taking in the room and said, “Beyond our presence?” She leaned on the table and said, “Nothing I am willing to bring onto the station. We are planning a small excursion. You are invited, of course. I’ll supply the victuals and drink. Bring a friend.  Two days from now at Dock 201.” Millicent got up and signaled to Jason and Rachael who also moved towards the door. She asked as they exited, “See you there?”

Brian Tuireann pursed his lips and said, “Wouldn’t miss it. Wait a moment.” He moved to a storage bin and pulled out a small device and tossed it to her. “Try this out…It lets you know if you have listeners.” He crossed his arms, “You might find it handy in conversation for the next few days.”

Millicent looked at the device and then bowed slightly. As they left, Brian said, “Watch yourself. I wouldn’t want to miss this demonstration.”



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