The Omicron Matter – Arranging a Demonstration – Meeting Brian Tuireann

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Arranging a Demonstration. Millicent is now meeting face to face with her old friend Brian Tuireann.  As another refugee from Uycarra, Tuireann could be a challenging customer or an easy one. As soon as Millicent explains what she is selling, Tuireann becomes much more cautious.

For those who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Author’s Note

I should probably do more with Brian Tuireann and Millicent being from Uycarra. That will come with a later edit.

Thank you for your support. Look for more on Friday

Meeting Brian Tuireann

In the ship, Uynack guided them to the environmental lab. A tall man sat in the head chair. He had spikey brown hair. He wore a bright blue suit and sat in a relaxed fashion.  He stood up as they walked in and greeted Millicent warmly in a hug and said, “Millicent Morgaine, I would say it is too long. But then it has only been a year.” He looked at her with his quirk in a smile and said, “Back so soon?”

Millicent leaned back and said, “Brian Tuireann, it is never too soon see you.” She settled into a chair. Brian waved to the others to sit.  She pointed to her contractors saying, “Allow me to introduce, Rachael Weiz  – clockmaker and small mechanics. And Jason McNeill.” Brian’s eyebrow went up.  Millicent said, “His father…we’ll discuss that later. He’s a chemist and  physicist with knowledge about electricity and other more interesting things.”

Brian shook hands and said, “This must be quiet an adjustment.”

Jason flushed, but Rachael said with a smile, “On some matters, yes. On others, life seems to be the same all over.”

Brian laughed loudly saying, “Well said, Miss Weiz. Well said.” He sat back at the head of the table and leaned on it. “You said you have an opportunity.”

Millicent leaned back and put her hands on her lap. “You and Uynack both have noted my early return and I bring two new recruits. You know where Earth is. What does that tell you?”

Brian leaned back and put his hands behind his head. He swiveled in the chair and smiled at her. Finally he said, “Millicent! It is unlike you to …take liberties.” He looked at Rachael and Jason and then back to her. “The Guild would say you should not be back yet.”

Millicent spread her arms and said, “And yet here I am.”

Brian put his hands on his lap and said, “You broke rules…rules the Guild values.”

Millicent waved her hands in the air as if a fly were passing. “An opportunity too good to pass up arose.” She leaned in and said, “I left Earth two months ago. And I am willing to sell the technology. And you can help me.”

Brian stayed leaning back with his hands on his lap and said, “The Guild will have something to say. They are very touchy about that. ”

Millicent smiled thinly and said, “Unless we don’t tell them and they don’t find out until it’s too late.” She leaned back and watched Brian’s expression change.

He stopped the small rock in his chair. His eyes got narrow. He looked at Uynack and said, “Go check the engines. They were running warm on the way in.”

Uynack looked Millicent, then at Jason and Rachael then back at Brian and said, “I don’t remember that.”

Brian snapped, “Well I do.  And you need to go check them now.” With a gentler tone he said, “We’ll discuss matters later, but please…friend…do this.”  Uynack got up and waggled his fingers at Millicent and then left the room. Brian said, “He has a family. Better he not be involved in this.” Brian jutted his chin in Rachael’s and Jason’s direction and said, “I am not sure they should hear this conversation either.”


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