The Omicron Matter – Arranging a Demonstration -Uynack at Tuireann’s Ship

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Arranging a Demonstration. Millicent is taking Rachael and Jason along to meet a customer and possible ally.  The hallways are filled with mutterings and news about humans and earth that are unsettling. When they arrive at Brian Tuireann’s ship, they are greeted by Uynack, his assistant.

For those who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Author’s note

This chapter jumps up the alien interaction. I am still working out body language and such. This also a chapter where Millicent is starting a sale.  She has a gift for putting people at ease. This will be severely tested later in the chapter.

I took an unintentional break over Thanksgiving. I stayed in a location with little internet access and left my power cord at home. (Pesky road trips). I am back with a new chapter and a good back log to keep up.

Thanks for your support.

Uynack at Tuireann’s Ship

Millicent was accompanied by Rachael and Jason. Simone was still recovering from getting her translator and Eleanor would not leave her. The others had been sent to shop for supplies.  For this first customer, a smaller group was better. Besides, the chatter in the hall made Millicent nervous. People were giving them a wide berth. That made Rachael’s transit easier. The reason for the space was not for Rachael’s chair. Rachael and Jason’s heritage was being alternately feared and disparaged.  Such insults were never common before and that made it infuriating. The Guild had started a campaign to convince members that Earth was threatening.  All the more reason to get these first sales completed.

The first person was an old friend; a fellow exile from her lost planet. Her trio arrived at his docking station. Like all stations, it had a large airlock door that led to a landing next to the ship. A Menanggung, with its stout, cylindrical body covered in hair waited by the ship’s door. Millicent was greeted generously, “Mr. Tuireann is expecting you and your guest. He is most pleased to see you.”

Millicent bowed slightly and said, “Uynack…Uynack Vaxux. How is your den mate? You must have a cub by now.” Millicent could almost hear the groans from Rachael and Jason, but this was part of the sales transaction. Brian Tuireann would consult with Uynack and friendliness was the best sales tool of all.

Uynack wagged his hand and then displayed three digits, “We have three. He tapped his wrist and images of the three children appeared on Millicent’s screen.

Millicent viewed the various cubs. One had the signs of being close to puberty and she commented, “Your oldest will soon be a handful.”

Uynack sighed and said, “I am told she is already. At least she acts nice around me.”  He glanced at Rachael and Jason.

Millicent coughed and said, “My apologies.” She gestured to the Menanggung ,”Uynack Vaxux”  and to Jason and said, “Jason McNeill of Earth, chemist, theoretical physicist and apparently a decent shot.”

Uynack looked at Jason for a moment then to Millicent and asked, “Is he related?”

Millicent grinned a little and winked saying  “Oh yes…but let’s not discuss that now.” She then nodded to to Rachael, “Rachael Weiz of Earth. Clock maker, genius with small mechanics and physics and vicious in a darts game. “

Uynack’s eyes lit up as he turned to Rachael , “Even in that chair? We must visit a bar and play a round or two.”

Rachael breathed a bit easier saying, “Certainly Guv’, If you can find a pub that will serve us.”

Uynack’s lips got thin and he looked away. “Then you know…things aren’t very good right now.”

Rachael muttered, “No kidding.”

Uynack waved his hands and said, “The Guild started propaganda about a year ago…it has been getting worse.”

Millicent spoke up, “Yes…we heard. It’s subtle but we are finding out.”

Uynack furrowed his large brow saying, “Mr. Tuireann has been telling his associates to ignore those @%$# messages. More Guild crap, he says. Besides we all remember your last group.”  His eyes got narrow and said, “You are back awfully soon.”

Millicent smiled and put a finger on her lips and said, “Mums the word.” She pointed to the ship and said, “I think it is an excellent time to see Brian Tuireann.”  Uynack looked confused which was a feat for a Menanggung.  He pointed to the ship and the four moved out of docking area and towards the ship.


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