The Recruiting Matter Reprise – Millicent at the Front of Smith’s House

Millicent hides in the street in the front of Smith’s house. She is to provide distraction while her group burrows into the basement to rescue Eleanor. As with any plan, there are imperfections. Charles drones will be a little late arriving.

Author’s note

I’ve combined three small sections of Millicent’s attack on the house into one section.  Very little is lost in this compilation. Thursday and Saturday, we will complete the attack.

Look for more on Thursday

Millicent – in front of Smith’s house

Millicent moved into position about a block away from Smith’s house. She hid in a sunken stairway topped with a grated fence and flower boxes. The metal and flowers should obscure the visual sensors of any drones patrolling. She hoped the leather clothes and armor under cloth cloaked enough of her heat signature. Now she waited.

By her guess, Liam’s team should be moving into position in the sewers. She put on her goggles and could see orb shaped drones circling and sweeping up and down the street. She counted four. Jason probably faced that many as well. One of the bouncing orbs started down her end of the street darting from one side of the street to the other. She ducked down the stairwell close to the door and window. Homes of this age had little or no insulation. She hoped heat leaking from the window and door would confuse her signature. The drone flew by and then paused. Millicent visualized herself as a small cold animal. She tried to imagine herself as a tiny lizard on an ice planet. The drone hovered by the stairwell for a moment then headed further down the street.  She let out a small breath of air which seemed to frost the window. The drone came back down the street. She stayed still again imagining the lizard on the desolate ice planet.  The drone barely hesitated as it flew past her alcove. She shivered for a bit and returned to her position. Frost was on the door and wall where she had stood. Any time now, Liam, she thought.

Millicent could four of Smiths drones on her side of the house marked in red. She fired when she got the signal from Liam and one drone disappeared. She touched her arm and spoke, “Charles move in. We have started. “

Charles said, “My drones are half kilometer back. Stall.”

Millicent said in a harsh whisper, “Stall?! They’re coming at me!” She raised her rifle and fired again. The first drone dodged the bullet but it hit one trailing it. That drone spun uncontrollably and slammed into a tree. Two drones marked in red now wove an intricate pattern as they approached her hiding place. Someone came out the front door onto the front porch. She aimed at the house and fired. Bits of concrete exploded upwards and the man retreated inside. Millicent touched her wrist again, “Charles, anytime now.”  She clambered out of the stairwell and started running toward Smith’s house. The drones fired beams as she dodged behind trees and fences.  One drone came around to the side and lined up with Millicent. She whispered , “Oh this is going to hurt.”

The drone hovered a moment and then a beam shot out hitting Millicent in the leg and burned. She dodged to the side. Her leg felt like a hot poker had lashed her. She looked up and the drone was lining up again. She tried to jig to the right. As she jumped, a second drone marked in green came in from her right blazing its own beam on her tormentor.

She said, “Thanks, Charles”

Charles replied, “Someone came into the basement just as our group got through. Take the porch.”

She pulled out a strange pistol like device from a pocket and aimed it at the man in the doorway. The beam hit him on the left shoulder. He grabbed his shoulder and aimed his own pistol in her direction but the beam went wide.  Two red drones shifted their attack and clustered around the man and combining their fire at Millicent.  Two of Charles drones concentrated their fire on one of the red drones. The red marked drone seemed to glow as it absorbed the beam. Millicent fired her own beam at the drone. She moved herself behind a brick wall for cover and checked her weapon. It was at 1/3 charge. She couldn’t take the porch with that.



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