The Omicron Matter – At Tau Ceti Station – Getting the Translator

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – At Tau Ceti Station. Simone has been reading sentences and her speech patterns have been mapped. Now it is time for the translating device to be installed.  Her fears are palpable.  However, Eleanor comes up with a solution to keep Simone distracted. It is not comfortable for Eleanor, lacks dignity and is a bit inconvenient for the doctor. Regardless, Eleanor distracts Simone and allows the doctor to complete the procedure.

For those who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Author’s note

As a child, I remember nurses trying to distract me before a shot was administered. At some point, I wished to prove I was brave and started watching the shot.  How we deal with fears, rational and irrational, marks our very nature.

Thank you for your support. Look for more on Friday.

Getting the translator

Simone’s grip on Eleanor’s hand got very hard and Eleanor heard a small whimper.  Eleanor leaned down and said, “I’ll be here. We’ll brass this out.”  Eleanor looked around the table. She pointed the area directly in front of Simone’s head and asked, “If that area is blocked, her right and left will still be open. Can you function like that?”

The doctor looked at the area and said, “It is not ideal. Perhaps if I know what you have in mind…” and then waggled fingers towards the area.

Eleanor lay down on the floor face up towards Simone with her long legs pointing out. While under the table she winked at Simone and blew a small kiss.  Simone laughed and said, “You are absurd.”

The doctor could be heard saying, “You are certainly tall for your species. I shall accommodate your frame.”

Eleanor said up to Simone, “There you have it. I am tall and absurd. Now let’s talk about the shopping to be done here. Millicent says I should see their furniture stores.  I think that is a bit too much like a working holiday.  I think I might find clothes that actually fit without altering. What about you?” There was a quiet high pitched whirring sound and Simone closed her eyes.  Eleanor quickly said, “Stay with me. I’m not leaving.”

Simone said with a small stutter, “I..I think a music shop might be nice. I …wonder what people listen to out here. And a furniture shop would be nice. Just to see what is fashionable.”

Eleanor sighed dramatically and then smiled and said, “If you insist.” She kept the small talk going. Every so often the doctor would ask Simone to say something but otherwise continued to work without saying much.

Finally the doctor said, “The procedure is complete. I recommend that you rest here an hour to let the nanites do their job and heal the sutures.”

Simone’s eyes went wide and she said, “That’s it? I hardly felt a thing.” Eleanor patted her cheek and rolled out from under the table.

The doctor helped her up and said, “That is as it should be. Anything else is barbaric. The doctor bowed to Eleanor and said, “You were helpful in calming her. My work was easier as a result. Are you prepared for your procedure?”

Eleanor leaned down and said to Simone, “Wait for me before you leave.”

Simone said lightly, “I need a furniture advisor. Silly…of course I will wait.”

Eleanor nodded to the doctor who led her to another room and her own implant.


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